Views of the southpole of Venus - Nasa

The image always comes from the Sky

We begin. A surface begins to tremble. Light scatters off of a barely opaque sphere. The trembling turns into sound, overtones arise, slowly shift into different spectra. As the light spreads, a landscape emerges. Intersected by the outlines of a human body. A sounding object, a voice responding. A no-place, a nowhere that can be touched, moved, described but not visited.

Again. The way the objects on stage move about the performer and the musical composition that arises, create a pattern of interaction that can be recognized as a three body problem. Masses moving, locked together by gravitational attraction. A multitude of possible past and future situations captured in a moment of perfect stillness.

This work is a first attempt. We are allowing ourselves to make a discovery, in the hope that there will be something for the audience to discover.

Performance | Rosabel Huguet

Sound | Jesse Broekman

Work in Progress showing at Kunstkooperative



by  boy hazes

Kwartetten met Beethoven (+6!)

In “Kwartetten met Beethoven”, the Dudok Quartet Amsterdam breaks open the famous String quartet opus 132 by Beethoven for young ears.

Without words, the quartet takes you along on a musical play with lots of atmospheres and colors. The genius music piece of Beethoven is continuously moving and is, just like the cards in the game, being shuffled all the time. Will all musical colors come together in the end?

A concert for everyone of 6 years and up, full of movement, magic and imagination, with the most beautiful music of Beethoven.

Judith van Driel 1st violin
Marleen Wester 2nd violin
Marie-Louise de Jong viola
David Faber cello

Rosabel Huguet choreography and direction
David Dramm musical advice and arrangements
Ganna Veenhuysen repetitor
Marjolijn Brouwer scenography and costume design
Ayla van Maarschalkerweerd assistant costume design and execution
Desirée van Gelderen lighting design
Djordi Veerman technique
Caecilia Thunnissen artistic direction






by roger rossell

A MATTER OF TIME B by Chan Sook Choi & Rosabel Huguet

As a prologue of the videoprojection work YING YANG SU WHA by artist Chan Sook Choi on the Eastfassade of the Berliner Humboldt Forums and as part of the Opening ceremony of the “Asia – Pacific Weeks 2017″, we had the pleasure to premiere A MATTER OF TIME B at the Haus der Deutschen Wirtschaft in Berlin.

Artist: Chan Sook Choi
Performer: Rosabel Huguet
Sound: Simon Goff
Curator: Keumhwa Kim I Keum Art Projects

In “A matter of time B”, digital and bodily language mesh to create a dialogue. The point of departure for the performative installation by Chan Sook Choi and Rosabel Huguet is Qi, which understands the origin of life through Chinese and Korean philosophy. Qi has forever existed in Daoism and is omnipresent, like fabric in uninterrupted movement and change, uniting life and death, order and chaos, the four seasons and the beginning and end of the universe.

In her video, the artist Chan Sook Choi uses the laws of modern physics to translate the invisible energy of Qi into 180,000 digital signs, which unfold in geometric patterns and computer-generated formations on the body of the performer, Rosabel Huguet. They then disappear in an instant, passing into a different structure and emerging in a new guise. The dancer’s body is the medium that records this uninterrupted transformation of energy and connects it to the metaphysical form of the pyramids.

“A matter of time B” is a Daoist reflection on the relationship of humans to their digitally networked environment. It exposes our Western mindset – which divides the world through language and logic, naming and explaining things –¬ to an interstitial space that exists above and beyond the dichotomy of inside and outside, of light and shadow. In consideration of the rapidly developing technologies for storing and sharing of data, Chan Sook Choi and Rosabel Huguet take poetic inspiration to pose pressing questions: How does digital technology influence human nature? Can the digital revolution be reconciled with human autonomy?


Photos courtesy of Keum Art Projects



by antoine tricot

SELECTED for the »Best German dance solo« @ Euro-Scene Leipzig Festival

SCHNECKE from the T3kollektiv has been selected to participate at the competition “Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo”, WHAT A JOY!!!

This popular competition comes from Ghent, where, under the title »De Beste Belgische Danssolo«, it was held three times, 1995-97, under the direction of the Flemish choreographer Alain Platel. In Leipzig the competition took place from 1997-2013 and within the Tanzplattform Deutschland 2002 (Dance Platform Germany). It was such a big success that it will now be presented biennially for the 12th time and for the very special occasion of the Festival’s 25th anniversary.

The barriers between professionals and amateurs have been lifted. The criteria are independence, creativity, charisma and individuality. Training, style, age and nationality have no bearing. Following an internal pre-selection, the dancers will perform their solos of 5 minutes length in front of the audience and the jury on a circular table with a diameter of 7m. The first three winners will be awarded prize moneys of €2,000.00, €1,000.00 and €500.00. The winner of the audience award will be chosen by the spectators.

Conception: Alain Platel, Ghent
Artistic direction: René Reinhardt, Leipzig
Jury: Sylvia Camarda, Luxembourg / Ines Kaps, Leipzig / Herman Heisig, Aarhus-Berlin / Christian Watty, Dusseldorf / Arnd Wesemann, Berlin

First Rounds: 06th and 7th of November 2015

Finals and awards ceremony: 08th of November 2015

Where?! at the Schauspielhaus Leipzig / Garderobenfoyer



Schauspielhaus Leipzig


T3kollektiv are Eva.G Alonso, Roger Rossell & Rosabel Huguet. CROSSING FINGERS!!



by roger rossell


Montag Modus is a series of monthly performances, an investigation of the so-called Berlin Dream through different aspects of performance.

Montag Modus aims to provide a venue for artists to present themselves using the somewhat particular space of the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (CHB). It facilitates the fusion of different artistic genres and aims to create a platform for exchange and collaboration.

After our performance on the 5th of October, we are still digesting the stunning feedback received. What a beautiful experience.

We want to THANK for the amazing SUPPORT of the CHB as well as Lena Szirmay-Kalos for hosting and inviting us & to the audience: THANKS, THANKS, THANKS!!! So GREAT you were there!!!

For all the team at the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin,

Köszönet mindenért!



Collegium Hungaricum Berlin

Montag Modus



SCHNECKE & T3kollektiv at the Berlin Diagonale during TANZ IM AUGUST

SCHNECKE & T3kollektiv at the Event Berlin Diagonale during the Tanz im August 2015 | Insights in the independently produced dance and performance community

Berlin Diagonale was already present at Tanz im August in 2013 and 2014 and offered diverse insights in the independently produced dance and performance community of Berlin. We are once again warmly inviting all visiting industry professionals and (inter)national curators to get to know more than 20 groups and artists from Berlin and their working methods and productions.

The participating artists include Colette Sadler & Philine Rinnert, MS Schrittmacher, Alexander Carrillo, Katharina Haverich, Amit Jacobi, NOVOFLOT, Bridge Markland, Anna Berndtson, Maria Colusi (M.A.E.K Group), Barbara Berti, Christoph Winkler, Diana Neranti, Ana Jelušic, Ana Trincão, Efrat Stempler, Helena Botto, Katia Engel, LAVAMOVER Company, MY LOVELY WHITE DOG, Aline Landreau, post theater, T3 Kollektiv, Theater o.N. and She She Pop.

Participation is free of charge, but we ask you to register at info(at)

From the community for the community: Berlin Diagonale is based on networking and presentation. Curators, dramaturgs and visiting industry professionals are invited to discover, see and distribute work produced by the independent performing arts community in Berlin over the course of table conversations and during guided tours. Berlin Diagonale creates national and international awareness of Berlin dance, theater and performance productions, creates touring opportunities and thus supports the sustainable networking of Berlin’s independent performing arts community worldwide.


August 29, 2015 | 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Dock 11, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin

Find more information here


About T3 Kollektiv

T3 is a interdisciplinary artistic collective created by Eva Gutierrez (stage, sound and lighting designer), Rosabel Huguet (actress and dancer focused on physical performance) and Roger Rossell (photographer and visual artist). T3 is created to combine our backgrounds, bringing different creation methods into an unique process to investigate and develop performative projects.
Our aim is to explore strategies and mechanisms of understanding gender, identity, performance experience, space, light, technology, new body representations, politics and collectivism.

Our first creation is SCHNECKE, premiered at Dock11 Berlin in May 2015, funded by the district office Pankow Berlin – Department of Arts and Culture and supported by Centre for Transdisciplinary Gender Studies of the Humboldt-Universität Berlin, Dock11 Berlin , Hoftheater and the Flocks&Shoals Collective.

T3kollektiv Site !!





by roger rossell




02nd  May 2015, 20:00 h

Kastanienallee 79
10435 Berlin

Other shows: 03rd May 2015, 20:00 h

Tickets: 030 – 448 12 22


Schnecke (snail) is an interdisciplinary, interactive, queer, biomimetic performance.


Schnecke wants to rethink cultural binarism, categorizations and biological identities.


Schnecke wants to bring to light how bodies are handled, shaped, educated and modified in order to be controlled.

a T3kollektive performance


Artistic Direction / Rosabel Huguet
Co­creation / Eva G. Alonso / Roger Rossell / Rosabel Huguet
Performance / Rosabel Huguet
Light Design, Video and Photography / Roger Rossell
Stage, Sound and Costume Design / Eva G. Alonso

Production Manager & Production office / Hyo Jin Shin / Tangram Projects

Venue / Dock 11, Pankow / Within the Solo Series project “Snail – Lamb – Shark – Rhino”, from the Flocks&Shoals Collective

Funded by the district office Pankow Berlin – Department of Arts and Culture

Thanks to/ Center for Transdisciplinary Gender Studies of the Humboldt University Berlin, Hoftheater Kreuzberg, Dock11 Berlin & Flocks&Shoals Collective


logos schnecke web







more info:


Flocks & Shoals

Faust Fraktal by roger rossell

Pictures from the experience at Wroclaw # Faust Fraktal

Pictures from Roger Rossell

“Faust” J.W.von Goethe

Polish by Adam Pomorski

Director, Project Coordination, Stage Version, Workshop Elzbieta Bednarska
Organization Edith Stein House, Malgorzata Linowska
Dramaturgy Michael Ross
Stage and Costume Design Petra Korink
Music Lukasz Damrych
Musician Konrad Roginski (various instruments)
Violin Natalia Roginska
Bass Anna von Schrottenberg
Singing Agnieszka Damrych
Choreography Rosabel Huguet
Light Design Ingo Ross / Dariusz Bartold

Anna von Schrottenberg

Richard Schnell

Michal Szwed

Rosabel Huguet

with: Zbigniew Kletowski, Staszek Linowski, Zosia Linowska, Agata Kocimska-Zych, Ada Mruk, Katarzyna Hajduk, Andżelika Wójcik, Nicoll Ostrowska, Weronika Oziembała, Irena Kujawa, Marta Hromiak, Michalina Hnat, Paula Huszcza.

Director Assistant Malgorzata Matera
Scenography Assistant Małgorzata Matera
Documentation Amadeusz Jackiewicz

Faust von Goethe

“Faust” J.W.von Goethe in Wroclaw (Poland)

Next project coming!!! From the polish directress Elzbieta Bednarska.

She is starting an amazing production about “Faust” J.W.von Goethe in Breslau (Poland). I will be performing and helping on the choreography.

Project founded by the Goethe Institute” in Cracow and the “Foundation for the Polish-German Cooperation”.
Organized by the SocietyEdith Stein” in collaboration with the , Farbraum e.V Sociotherapy Youth Centre in Wroclaw.

“Faust” J.W.von Goethe

Polish by Adam Pomorski

Director, Project Coordination, Stage Version, Workshop Elzbieta Bednarska
Organization Edith Stein House, Malgorzata Linowska
Dramaturgy Michael Ross
Stage and Costume Design Petra Korink
Music Lukasz Damrych
Musician Konrad Roginski (various instruments)
Violin Natalia Roginska
Bass Anna von Schrottenberg
Singing Agnieszka Damrych
Choreography Rosabel Huguet
Light Design Ingo Ross / Dariusz Bartold


Anna von Schrottenberg

Richard Schnell

Michal Szwed

Rosabel Huguet

with: Zbigniew Kletowski, Staszek Linowski, Zosia Linowska, Agata Kocimska-Zych, Ada Mruk, Katarzyna Hajduk, Andżelika Wójcik, Nicoll Ostrowska, Weronika Oziembała, Irena Kujawa, Marta Hromiak, Michalina Hnat, Paula Huszcza.

Director Assistant Malgorzata Matera
Scenography Assistant Małgorzata Matera
Documentation Amadeusz Jackiewicz

PREMIERE on the 4th of October at 20:00h
further performances on the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th of October at 20:00h

place: Browarze Mieszczańskim ( ul. Hubska 44), Wroclaw (Poland)




[rück] blick


With this work we want to talk about a reality that belongs to us.

Starting from one of the poems of Hasan Özdemir, we reflected on what have meant, for us, arrive to Germany and all what we have left behind.
We separate these two universes limiting them in: inner space and outer space.

The photographs symbolize the inner space, they are part of what we are and belong to the country in which we have grown. Now we left all that behind, but lives on us as a memory. Over time, the memory can become very ephemeral and fragile. That’s why we have chosen to build the photographs on paper.
At the installation, the photographs are distributed as a physical “wall” to represent the concept of “heimatmauer” witch Özdemir named in his poem IV on the book Windzweig: ” nur der gedanke hing an der heimatmauer”.
We also worked on that allocation because for us, it’s important that visitors walk among the photographs and experience the feeling of going through layers. As a sort of time travel that leads us to our current reality.
That trip is what we have tried to do during our process of creation and also our families have been part of, helping us to select the images.

The outer space is represented by the video. During this residency period at  Wortwedding, we have been related with the place from the contemplation.

When we were reconsidering the project, we looked a lot through the window and a huge stage full of information began to manifest. We realized that we had in front of us, a small particle of our present.
The important thing on the video is not what is happening, because everything happens in an accidental and unexpected way, the important thing is that it builds our gaze through which we understand the place we’ve come.

“und sie lernten

träumen um zu bleiben


in neuem land”


Vicent Gisbert & Rosabel Huguet



wortwedding – Laden für Poesieprojekte

Prinzenallee 59, 13359 Berlin (U8 Pankstr.)

Tel: 0170 3872906


29. June 2012, 19-23h

30. June 2012, 14-18h

01. July 2012, 14-18h


Pictures of the Event

by Roger Rossell



by roger rossell

Residency at Wortwedding

ROSABEL HUGUET and VICENT GISBERT in Residence at Wortwedding Berlin

Interdisciplinary poetry project, masters of home = masters of exile

Four artists explore the poetry of Hasan Özdemir.

Project funded by Kulturverwaltung des Berliner Senats.
residency period from the 1st to the 30th of June. Small presentation of the work: 29 and 30 (June)
With the collaboration of the artist: Vicent Gisbert,


General Information:

Meister der Fremde = Meister der Heimat

ein interdisziplinäres, interkulturelles Poesieprojekt


kuratiert von der Poesievermittlerin Nicola Caroli (D)

mit Gedichten von Hasan Özdemir (D)

und Installationen sowie Performances der Künstler

Seçkin Aydın (TR)

Rosabel Huguet & Vicent Gisbert (ES)

Lippe Muniz (BR)

Takako Suzuki (JP)

von April bis Dezember 2012 | im wortwedding – Laden für Poesieprojekte

In Meister der Fremde = Meister der Heimat lassen sich vier Künstler unterschiedlicher Sparten und Herkunft in einer Residenz je einen Monat lang auf die Dichtung von Hasan Özdemir ein. Hasan Özdemir wurde 1963 in der Türkei geboren und lebt seit Ende 1979 in Deutschland. Mit seiner Poesie findet er eine eigene Sprache für die Erfahrung von Fremde und Heimat.

orte schneiden sich

wie brotscheiben liegen sie

auf dem teller über die

ebene fliegt der vogel

mit transparenten gedanken

hinein atmend

das grüne leben

fatma von der pfalz

liselotte auch

trinken wein am großen tisch


Hasan Özdemir

(In: Vogeltreppe zum Tellerrand, Verlag Hans Schiler, Berlin, 2005)


Die Künstler Seçkin Aydın, Rosabel Huguet & Vicent Gisbert, Lippe Muniz und Takako Suzuki setzen sich in Form von Installationen, Performances und Objektkunst mit den Gedichten auseinander. Im gegenseitigen Austausch entsteht ein Raum, der Poesie erfahrbar macht und es ermöglicht, neue Blickwinkel auf das Thema Fremde und Heimat einzunehmen.

Im Wedding mit einem Migrantenanteil von etwa 70 Prozent ist das Thema Fremde und Heimat allgegenwärtig, für Menschen mit und ohne Migrationshintergrund. Durch die Präsenz von Meister der Fremde = Meister der Heimat von April bis Dezember 2012 entsteht für alle Besucher die Möglichkeit sich über die Ausstellungen und Performances mit dem Thema, der Poesie und den künstlerischen Arbeiten auseinanderzusetzen und sich mit den Künstlern und anderen Besuchern vor Ort auszutauschen.


Ein Projekt von Nicola Caroli im wortwedding, gefördert durch die Kulturverwaltung des Berliner Senats und das Quartiersmanagement Soldiner Straße. In Kooperation mit dem Verlag Hans Schiler, Berlin. In Medienpartnerschaft mit der taz.

photo by Roger Rossell

Alleine mit dir

“¿Quién, si yo gritara, me escucharía entre las órdenes
angélicas? Y aun si de repente algún ángel
me apretara contra su corazón, me suprimiría
su existencia más fuerte. Pues la belleza no es nada
sino el principio de lo terrible, lo que somos apenas capaces
de soportar, lo que sólo admiramos porque serenamente
desdeña destrozarnos. Todo ángel es terrible.”


“Who, if I cried out, would hear me among the Angelic

Orders? And even if one were to suddenly

take me to its heart, I would vanish into its

stronger existence. For beauty is nothing but

the beginning of terror, that we are still able to bear,

and we revere it so, because it calmly disdains

to destroy us. Every Angel is terror.”


Duino Elegies, Reiner Maria Rilke


Where are the angels? Can beauty transform into something terrible? From the Rilke poem and the above questions, I have initiated a process of creation that connects to the concept of “Eruption and crisis management.”
To explore the processes that bringues us to a states of crisis, we use the shamanistic percussion “changoo.” This Korean instrument serves as a call in very different forms: the nature we can see, the spirituals.

The deep and energetic beat accompanies the dancer in his feat of invoking souls that can walk with her during the trip. Is it possible to dance with the angels? The trip to the beauty and the harmonic may face the terrible, devastating.

I would love to invite you to me new performance “Alleine mit dir”. This time I have the pleasure to work with the Korean drummer Bo-Sung Kim.

The performance will take place on the 17th of September at 20:00h

(doors open at 19:30h)


Altes Finanzamt

Schönstedtstraße 7 – EG Neukölln 12043 Berlin

U7 Rathaus Neukölln (Exit Schönstedtstraße)

Price: Donation from 4 to 10€

Idea and Dance:

Rosabel Huguet

Music and Percussion:

Bo Sung Kim

Lights and Photography:

Roger Rossell

Tanks to: Catarina Miranda, Altes Finanzamt and Global Music Box.