Next project coming!!! From the polish directress Elzbieta Bednarska.

She is starting an amazing production about “Faust” J.W.von Goethe in Breslau (Poland). I will be performing and helping on the choreography.

Project founded by the Goethe Institute” in Cracow and the “Foundation for the Polish-German Cooperation”.
Organized by the SocietyEdith Stein” in collaboration with the , Farbraum e.V Sociotherapy Youth Centre in Wroclaw.

“Faust” J.W.von Goethe

Polish by Adam Pomorski

Director, Project Coordination, Stage Version, Workshop Elzbieta Bednarska
Organization Edith Stein House, Malgorzata Linowska
Dramaturgy Michael Ross
Stage and Costume Design Petra Korink
Music Lukasz Damrych
Musician Konrad Roginski (various instruments)
Violin Natalia Roginska
Bass Anna von Schrottenberg
Singing Agnieszka Damrych
Choreography Rosabel Huguet
Light Design Ingo Ross / Dariusz Bartold


Anna von Schrottenberg

Richard Schnell

Michal Szwed

Rosabel Huguet

with: Zbigniew Kletowski, Staszek Linowski, Zosia Linowska, Agata Kocimska-Zych, Ada Mruk, Katarzyna Hajduk, Andżelika Wójcik, Nicoll Ostrowska, Weronika Oziembała, Irena Kujawa, Marta Hromiak, Michalina Hnat, Paula Huszcza.

Director Assistant Malgorzata Matera
Scenography Assistant Małgorzata Matera
Documentation Amadeusz Jackiewicz

PREMIERE on the 4th of October at 20:00h
further performances on the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th of October at 20:00h

place: Browarze Mieszczańskim ( ul. Hubska 44), Wroclaw (Poland)