Romeo Castellucci / Socìetas
Exercises to “Der Tod des Empedokles” by Friedrich Hölderlin

In Giudizio.Possibilità.Essere Romeo Castellucci moves into a gym: a place that Castellucci calls a ‘false’ place for the theatre. But for him the very space to fulfil the unorthodox beauty of Hölderlin’s language. Here Hölderlin’s poetry can be experienced in a different way: as practice, discipline, as work on the present.

The Italian theatre-maker Romeo Castellucci, whose highly visual theatre usually refuses stage dialogue, approaches Hölderlin’s uncompleted tragedy ‘The Death of Empedocles‘ in a staged installation.

In the gym, the audience is provisionally welcomed on mats or high-jump cushions. They see and hear a textual score that is closely linked to Hölderin’s tragedy. A company of young women play the various characters. Are they schoolgirls? Or perhaps members of some female community? Are they rehearsing the performance behind closed doors? Who are these youngsters, what do they want and what are they portraying? They must be Empedocles, the heretic who leaves the community of the city to climb Mount Etna alone and throw himself into the crater, into the fire of being.

When the audience enters this ‘false’ place, they find themselves in the middle of a theatrical act, which resembles a contest between young women who dedicate the language of poetry to the theatre.

With Anja Becker, Silvia Costa, Laura Dondoli, Evelin Facchini, Rosabel Huguet, Greta Ipfelkofer, Maj Britt Klenke, Anne Mehlinger, Astrid Meier, Irene Petris, Andrea Rudolf, Laura Signoriello, Alice Torriani, Marie Zwinzscher


Photos by Irving Villegas | Kunstfestspiele Herrenhauses 2019 | 23.05.2019 Romeo Castellucci / Socìetas – Übungen zu ‚Der Tod des Empedokles‘ von Friedrich Hölderlin.