IHR SEID BEREITS EINGESHIFFT | 4 works by Silvia Costa

The Lake Constance panorama and a sentence from Blaise Pascal’s PENSÉES are the inspiration for a series of performances and installations that the artist Silvia Costa creates for Bregenz, which thematize the natural infinite sequence of day and night, of life and death.
In DE RERUM NATURA, Lucretius describes the relationship of a viewer to the open sea, which reveals itself to him while he observes from the safe earthly border. But if you want to experience reality, you have to sail out bravely.

IHR SEID BEREITS EINGESHIFFT consists of four works that were specially created for art locations in Bregenz; if you want to experience it, you also have to go out, have to move from one place to another. The work is only completed through one’s own effort: the viewer: inside the picture, becomes the subject of the representation.

Concept, Direction, Scenography: Silvia Costa
Field Recordings, Music, Sounddesign: Nicola Ratti
Costume: Laura Dondoli
Artistic collaboration: Rosabel Huguet Dueñas
Scenography collaboration: Alessio Valmori
Sculptures & special accesoires: Istvan Zimmermann & Giovanna Amoroso, Plastikart Studio

“We sail within a vast sphere, ever drifting in uncertainty, driven from end to end. When we think to attach ourselves to any point and to fasten to it, it wavers and leaves us; and If we follow it, it eludes our grasp, slips past us, and vanishes for ever. Nothing stays for us. This is our natural condition, and yet most contrary to our inclination; we burn with desire to find solid ground and an ultimate sure foundation whereon to build a tower reaching to the Infinite”

Blaise Pascal

Etappe 1 – Festspielhaus | SEE STUDIO 

To elude the farewell 

with an organ composition by Kali Malone

The panorama occupies the right side wall of a space completely covered with wood. The vision of water forcefully enters the room, flows through the glass with its shades of blue and the regular lapping of its waves. This beauty leaves no way out, magnificent and terrifying. It seems to be sailing, in the belly of a ship, carrying the body of a young child through a ritual journey, a span of life. On this journey against an impalpable wind I wanted the music of Kali Malone, performed on the organ, an instrument that uses natural forces, compresses the air, blows the wind that inflates the sails and pushes the ship.

with Florian Zörner, Rosabel Huguet Dueñas, Anna Martens, Verena Reiter, Gloria Dorlinguzzo, Johannes


Etappe 2 – Vorarlberg Museum | PANORAMARAUM

Welfare is achieved with zeal, otherwise nothing

Due to the particular architecture of the room, the panorama is seen here from above and framed as if from the lens of a huge camera and is unreal in its perfection and immensity. A young creature inhabits this space, she is perhaps its guardian, and her body seems to have undergone millennial modifications from a sick and black sun that has calcified the bones in ways they shouldn’t have, from an unstable light that has taken away all color. The only thing it brings with it are the sounds of the outside world. The soundtrack of that polarized and distant postcard is his treasure and his company. A form of hope and prayer perhaps.

with Sarah Barth


Etappe 3 – Vorarlberger Landestheater |BOX

Throw everything you’ve got into the fire, even your shoes

sound installation based on “Prometeo chained” by Aeschylus

In front of Prometeo the panorama disappears, it goes out immersed in the night black of space. All what remains is the sound and unstable sandy ground of a deserted beach on which it is difficult to walk. Nature becomes dark and rebels in front of the figure who with a violent action conquered an element foreign to him and not granted to man. There is no remedy for this act. The theft of Prometheus is the tearing of the image, the hole in the canvas from which a tormented voice comes. The infinite lament of man. The sound is treated as a body dragged, lifted, struck, in the check of a mechanical movement that does not stop, an infinite way of no return.

with Luzian Hirzel


Etappe 4 – KUB Sammlungsschaufenster

And God rested on the seventh day 

Being embarked here finds the space for a common enterprise. From sharing from generation to generation the creation of a new landscape from nothing, to looking for ways to tell it, represent it, preserve it. A grandmother, a mother and a daughter are seated on a bench in order of age. They have a blank canvas in front of them. They paint together, as they can, and try to reproduce a panorama. They will do this until the picture is finished.

PREMIERE Friday, 4. Juni 2021


Images © anja koehler | andereart.de