We were a small group of brave women, looking forward to discover a bit more of our femininity and intimacy through the tango close embrace.

During two hours, gradually the bodies were getting more in complicity with the partner and also getting lost into the unknown pathways of the dramatic and passionate tango lyrics.

Is always fascinating lead the incredible process of a beginning group,  that in two hours learn how to embrace, walk together, listen and guess each other… How they change their looking, their body language, their way of listening and at the end I always discover a small smile drawn on their faces. That’s Tango for me.

Sometimes, when I go to the “Milonga” I can not see in most of the couples these humble surrender…

I want to thank the girls with this Tango made for a woman, the tango is called “Malena” and Geraldine Rojas is one of my favorite dancers, she always inspired me with her strong presence.

You have been so lovely, free and relax!! And also thanks to Jaime, for inviting me and for the nice comment that I attach below!

It was a beautiful Saturday morning. Thanks for being there!

Endlessprogress WordPress:

“Getting close with Tango’s intimate embrace. I never thought about the fears of letting go and being close in relation to dance but the initial moments in a Tango embrace can be a bit challenging! However, once you are able to relax and listen to your partner’s body you start to glide across the floor and the beauty of the dance unfolds with each step. We were a group of brave hearts this morning as Rosabel lead us deeper into our bodies and around the room.

We started off learning how to embrace each other and how to be lead. The most important parts of how to communicate with your partner so you can begin the basic Tango steps. Once we were all a bit more comfortable in each other’s arms our legs also became more free and the steps became bigger and dramatic- more Tango!

It was really a special feeling to be embraced in the Tango, I don’t think any other dance is quite like it. It’s subtle beauty and charm, the intimacy….I can’t wait to learn more. Rosabel was an amazing and patient teacher, who was able to give us helpful technical and personal pointers. She brought humor and passion to the lesson and we were all quite thankful for such a gentle, thoughtful and exciting introduction into Tango.”

link endlessprogress wordpress

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