This year’s Potsdam Winter Opera dares an experiment and unites two sound worlds in one evening. The focus is on the biblical Lazarus, of whom the Gospel of John reports that he was brought back to life four days after his death by Jesus. Franz Schubert’s Religious Drama “Lazarus” from 1820 for soloists, choir and orchestra has been handed down as a fragment and the miracle of the resurrection has not been set to music. The question of eternal life and infinity is open. A new sound cosmos created by the Canadian composer Claude Vivier in his “Long Song of Solitude” seeks an answer: “Lonely Child” for soprano and chamber orchestra from 1980 completes Schubert’s unfinished oratorio.

LAZARUS by F. Schubert

Text by August Hermann Niemeyer & Claude Vivier

Trevor Pinnock, musical direction
Frederic Wake-Walker, stage director
Carola Gerbert, dramaturgy
Rosabel Huguet, choreographic collaboration
Linda Tiebel, costumes
Miguel Pérez Iñesta, musical assistance
Rita Herzog, musical rehearsals
Johannes Lang, choir rehearsals
Toby Spence, Lazarus
Johanna Winkel, Martha & Lonely Child
Dorota Szczepańska, Maria
Lauryna Bendziunaite, Jemina
Angelo Pollak, Nathanel
Ashley Riches, Simon
& Kammerakedemie Potsdam
Choir Vocalkreis Potsdam

Performances at the Friedenskirche, Potsdam
Co-production between Hans Otto Theater & Kammerakademie Potsdam


Pictures © Stefan Gloede