The new version of “Myitkina” by Chan Sook Choi will be presented in November/19  at Seoul’s Coreana Museum of Art.

“Myitkina” is a story of 20 women in Myitkina, Burma. They appear at multiple photos and documents, but no witness was revealed. Myitkina in this work is a representation of single women, but at the same time it is a representation of prior discussions and results of research related to the Japanese Military “Comfort Women”. Testimonies of three Myitkinas in the video sometimes permeate or penetrate existing controversial arguments and subtly contradict each other at times. Therefore no word from one of three Myitkinas can be an ideal representation of the Japanese Military “Comfort Women”. 

Myitkina is not an “object” which can be captured or reproduced from a single point of view. It is a “living being” who have existed in various forms at a variety of moments.

Art work by Chan Sook Choi
Myitkinas:  Rosabel Huguet, Yon Natalie Mik, Kotti Yun
Curated by EunJoo-Lee
Coreana Museum of Art Seoul | 21st November – 22nd December 2019


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