I’m happy to invite you to my next performance at Mica Moca. It will take place on the Saturday 20th (at 13:00h) and the Sunday 21th (at 13:30h).

This time I have the pleasure to perform with the musician and performer Nilo Gallego (www.tutuguri.es).

The performance is part of a big event organized by AADK (www.aadk.org) and Mica Moca (www.micamoca.de). The all event is called “Cracks Punkt Tanz” and from 13h to 17h you can see a lot of performances, exhibitions and concerts.

Here all the information about our piece, more information about the event on the coming days…


Me duelen los ojos de mirar sin verte

(Meine Augen schmerzen zu schauen, ohne Sie zu sehen)


Nilo Gallego

Rosabel Huguet

Lights design and Chicken Photo:

Roger Rossell

Brief description:

Our first reference to work with was the version of the song “Ay pena, penita pena”, performed by the famous spanish singer Lola Flores.

We will use live sound and movement to create a dialog that derives on a experience of “Eruption and crisis management”.

“Yo no quiero flores, dinero, ni palmas,

quiero que me dejen llorar tus pesares

y estar a tu vera, cariño del alma,

bebiéndome el llanto de tus soleares.

Me duelen los ojos de mirar sin verte,

reniego de mí,

que tienen la culpa de tu mala suerte

mis rosas de abril.”


“I don’t want flowers, money, or palms
I want to mourn your sorrows
and be at your side, my dear soul,
drinking the crying of your “soleares”.
My eyes hurt to look without seeing you,
disown me, my April roses are the guilty of your bad luck.”

Song “Ay pena, penita, pena”




Mica Moca

Lindower Strasse 22 S/U Wedding


Pictures by Roger Rossell


performance at mica moca

performance at mica moca

performance at mica moca

performance at mica moca

performance at mica moca

performance at mica moca

performance at mica moca

performance at mica moca

performance at mica moca

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