From the 10th until the 17th of November, the next creation of Thomas Ostermeier / Schaubühne Berlin is presented at the Festival Mettre en Escène 2012/ Thèâtre National de Bratagne.


Death in Venice / Kindertotenlieder

By Thomas Mann/Gustav Mahler

The widower and acclaimed writer Gustav von Aschenbach is afflicted by wanderlust. In Venice he hopes to escape his oppressive self-discipline.

When he encounters the fourteen-year-old Tadzio at the Grand Hotel on the Lido, Aschenbach is consumed by a phenomenal passion. In the beauty of this aristocratic Polish child, Aschenbach believes to have found the embodiment of his artistic ideals. But soon the ageing artist’s yearning for youthful beauty is transformed into a wild and deadly obsession.

In his novel Mann portrays »the debasement of a soaring mind«, but also the tragedy of an a-sensual aesthete, who through his experience of an erotic passion – the object of which is made all the more inaccessible by being a child and male – is made painfully aware of his own physicality and inevitable mortality.

In Thomas Ostermeier’s scenic interpretation of the text, this inner drama finds its musical expression though Josef Bierbichler’s interpretation of the »Rückert-Songs« by Gustav Mahler – Thomas Mann’s inspiration for the character of Gustav von Aschenbach.

Coproduction with the Théâtre National de Bretagne in Rennes.

Direction   Thomas Ostermeier
Choreography   Mikel Aristegui
Stage   Jan Pappelbaum
Costume   Bernd Skodzig
Music   Timo Kreuser
Video   Benjamin Krieg
Dramaturgy   Maja Zade
Light   Erich Schneider
Sound Direction   Daniel Plewe
Bernardo Arias Porras
Josef Bierbichler
Martina Borroni
Marcela Giesche
Sabine Hollweck
Rosabel Huguet
Leon Klose/Maximilian Ostermann
Felix Römer
Kay Bartholomäus Schulze

Piano   Timo Kreuser

Photo Arno Declair


More information about the Performances in Rennes:

Festival Mettre en Scène

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