LIMIT AND CRISIS Choreographic Residence by Flocks and Shoals

As a collective, we seek to develop collaboration between each member of Flocks and Shoals, based on the research of the theme “Limit and Crisis”.

The process of creation will be based on the recognition and overcoming of limits _ mentally and physically _ understanding the multiple conception of edge towards different social contexts.

There is the interest of putting in dialogue the concepts of “Mara”, Indian term for principle of death and mischief, chain of rebirth and suffering towards processes of “Catharsis” (from the Greek) where an extreme change in emotion occurs through the release of pent-up energy.

Transposing this relation to the collective’s experience in order to connect with the visceral matter and psychic transformation, we intend to draw the morphology of living emotions and, from the permanency of the group, generate a new suspended space on stage.


Throw the body into a combat action.


A collaboration of Antje Lea Schmitke, Catarina Miranda, Daniela Schmidtke, Miranda Markgraf, Roger Rossell and Rosabel Huguet.

With the support from Cultural Space Altes Finanzamt (Berlin, Germany), Tatwerk (Berlin, Germany), Balleteatro (Porto, Portugal)


Dates of the Choreographic Residence by Flocks and Shoals

AUGUST 20th to 31st at Tatwerk/ Berlin, Germany

SEPTEMBER 3rd to 17th at Balleteatro/ Porto, Portugal


Mazezam goes to Portugal

We presented the piece Mazezam on last October at Altes Finanzamt, Berlin.

Now we travel with the piece to Portugal, for participate on the 3ºExperimental Balleteatro/ Porto.


JANUARY 2012/ 20th and 21th


The repetition is to be persisted in until one is self-capable of sinking earth into water. In the womb seek the ambiguity of the dream-state of ecstatic equilibrium, the moment of reality and the inverse process of existence. thou has not the power to remain here, thou will gain nothing more than wandering.

Performance development from the analysis of intermediate states of perception in the present work of Bardo Thodol – Liberation Through Hearing During The Intermediate State; a description of the path for the body in putrefaction, its post-mortem displacement in a repository space of transposition.

The scenic space is built as a repository of objects and states where, from the inertia of bodies in movement and from the uninterrupted rotation, organic matter, flesh and fluid are transformed into time. From the exhaustive repetition of a gesture and its refraction in space, each phenomenon remains in continuous evolution, during a process of rise and fall.

The sound composition occupies the scenic space, resizing the cosmological site and approaching timbre strategies of concrete music and Japanese Noh Theater.

By Catarina Miranda with Rosabel Huguet and Jonathan Uliel Saldanha.

The Space Between

THE SPACE BETWEEN consists of Performance Cycles that gather the work of different art researches in the format of public presentations.
These meetings are organised from the invitation to artists, in order to suport and develop their own work in relation to a research about “Performance and Perception”, relating theories of desire, processes of mental association and production of signification, as means to maintain the curiosity and interest of the audience during the progression of a happening, beyond artistic subjects and technics.
In these terms, our main concern about these events lies in the creation of the space between the performance and (its perception by) the public, producing a rich place that enables the multiplicity of perspectives as well as the focus on the consistent intention of communication of concrete and abstract concepts.
These Cycles are organized by Flocks & Shoals in collaboration with Altes Finanzamt.


OCTOBER 14th _ Performance Cycle at Altes Finanzamt/ Berlin/ 8pm

At the time when the body is sinking away, rain and emanations appear.
The moment before crossing the woods one is half here and half beyond, waiting and watching, completely calm, without breathing, quietly attending the upcoming fall.
Concept by Catarina Miranda
Performance by Catarina Miranda and Rosabel Huguet
Sound Composition by Jonathan Uliel Saldanha
Lights by Roger Rossell
Thanks to Rita Sousa, Altes Finanzamt, Flocks & Shoals


Concept and Performance by André Soares & Rita Mendes
Photography by André Uerba
Stage light by Roger Rossell
Co-production Altes Finanzamt
Thanks to Catarina Miranda and André Uerba


OCTOBER 15th/ 8pm

Still in progress, this choreographic project was conceived to explore movements and sounds that create the sensation of trace and roots, but,instead, are a migration of themes with a caotic tendency. The set is an instalation of artesanal and thecnological instruments performed alive either by the dancer and the musician. This instalation helps to reinforce the idea of displacement of  arts and imaginaries (free migrations). Musically the score deals with very structured material, pre-existent, and the fragility of real time performing. The dancing body mixes animal and machine qualities of movement and flows from composition to improvisation.
Choreography and performance by Né Barros
Composer and musician Gustavo Costa
Texts: Gertrud Stein
Light design Alexandre Vieira
Production: Balleteatro
by Jonathan Uliel Saldanha (Soopa, HHY & The Macumbas), as a drive for and inpired by Brion Gysin’s Dream Machine.






Alleine mit dir

“¿Quién, si yo gritara, me escucharía entre las órdenes
angélicas? Y aun si de repente algún ángel
me apretara contra su corazón, me suprimiría
su existencia más fuerte. Pues la belleza no es nada
sino el principio de lo terrible, lo que somos apenas capaces
de soportar, lo que sólo admiramos porque serenamente
desdeña destrozarnos. Todo ángel es terrible.”


“Who, if I cried out, would hear me among the Angelic

Orders? And even if one were to suddenly

take me to its heart, I would vanish into its

stronger existence. For beauty is nothing but

the beginning of terror, that we are still able to bear,

and we revere it so, because it calmly disdains

to destroy us. Every Angel is terror.”


Duino Elegies, Reiner Maria Rilke


Where are the angels? Can beauty transform into something terrible? From the Rilke poem and the above questions, I have initiated a process of creation that connects to the concept of “Eruption and crisis management.”
To explore the processes that bringues us to a states of crisis, we use the shamanistic percussion “changoo.” This Korean instrument serves as a call in very different forms: the nature we can see, the spirituals.

The deep and energetic beat accompanies the dancer in his feat of invoking souls that can walk with her during the trip. Is it possible to dance with the angels? The trip to the beauty and the harmonic may face the terrible, devastating.

I would love to invite you to me new performance “Alleine mit dir”. This time I have the pleasure to work with the Korean drummer Bo-Sung Kim.

The performance will take place on the 17th of September at 20:00h

(doors open at 19:30h)


Altes Finanzamt

Schönstedtstraße 7 – EG Neukölln 12043 Berlin

U7 Rathaus Neukölln (Exit Schönstedtstraße)

Price: Donation from 4 to 10€

Idea and Dance:

Rosabel Huguet

Music and Percussion:

Bo Sung Kim

Lights and Photography:

Roger Rossell

Tanks to: Catarina Miranda, Altes Finanzamt and Global Music Box.

Performance cycle _ The Space Between#3

I am very happy to invite you all to the Performance cycle _ The Space Between#3, an one evening event consisting of the presentation of three performances created from the same action score:

“Voice studies for SOLACIA” by Flocks&Shoals
“One is… and seven will continue” by Se-Rok Park
“Inwhiteout # organisms” by André Soares

It will take place at Altes Finanzamt, on 6th May, starting at 8.30pm (doors will open at 8pm).

Voice studies for SOLACIA

Looking at emptiness as the very center of our being, containing all possibilities, all potential, and all that appears.
The subject consists of the Totality of the “Real”, understood by G. Bataille as “the world where objects are on the same plane as the subject, where they form, together with the subject a sovereign totality which is not divided by any abstraction and is commensurate with the entire universe”. (in The Object of Desire and the Totality of the Real)
_created by Catarina Miranda
performed by Flocks&Shoals// Antje Schmidt, Catarina Miranda, Chiara Picotto, Daniela Schmidtke, Miranda Markgraf, Rosabel Huguet//

One is… and seven will continue

The Community and the Individual as opposing poles- and yet both are necessary to survive and exist. An exploration of these aspects in diverse ways of expressions will be encountered and opened up to participate.
_ created and performed by Se-Rok Park
with appearance by Felix G.

Inwhiteout # organisms

The space as a choreographic movement/sound research, a contiguous living system where all organisms are capable of response to stimuli, reproduction, growth and development, and maintenance of homoeostasis as a stable| fragile whole. Many cells/insects grouped into specialized tissues and organs of the body. That consists of organisms and displacement’s inherent movement within situations of being alive, feeding, fighting, mating or death.

An alive sculpture as bodies call recognition of the “space between” objects|elements and contexts in relation to an audience in a space and time.

A cycle is established as well as an uninterrupted dynamic that enables the changing/triggering of perception in the elasticity of spatio-temporal contents, which support the collective moment, in this case generated by a single body made of other bodies with an irregular topology, results of the metamorphosis of the interior space: it is extended by a strange reversal, in outer space (made of other substances), other bodies (made of other beings), other time (past, present and future overlap), other perceptions of existing as collective material, universal and timeless.

_ created and performed by André Soares

Lights support by Roger Rossell.

Thanks for your interest and hope you can come!!!


Altes Finanzamt

Schönstedtstraße 7 – EG Neukölln 12043 Berlin Access through the yard

U7 Rathaus Neukölln (Exit Schönstedtstraße)

Link of the place:

Altes Finanzamt