Mazezam goes to Portugal

We presented the piece Mazezam on last October at Altes Finanzamt, Berlin.

Now we travel with the piece to Portugal, for participate on the 3ºExperimental Balleteatro/ Porto.


JANUARY 2012/ 20th and 21th


The repetition is to be persisted in until one is self-capable of sinking earth into water. In the womb seek the ambiguity of the dream-state of ecstatic equilibrium, the moment of reality and the inverse process of existence. thou has not the power to remain here, thou will gain nothing more than wandering.

Performance development from the analysis of intermediate states of perception in the present work of Bardo Thodol – Liberation Through Hearing During The Intermediate State; a description of the path for the body in putrefaction, its post-mortem displacement in a repository space of transposition.

The scenic space is built as a repository of objects and states where, from the inertia of bodies in movement and from the uninterrupted rotation, organic matter, flesh and fluid are transformed into time. From the exhaustive repetition of a gesture and its refraction in space, each phenomenon remains in continuous evolution, during a process of rise and fall.

The sound composition occupies the scenic space, resizing the cosmological site and approaching timbre strategies of concrete music and Japanese Noh Theater.

By Catarina Miranda with Rosabel Huguet and Jonathan Uliel Saldanha.