Queens | the ones who know | the Hosts

Horses | the doubles | the Guests

Bishop | the observer | the Voyeur

Towers | the victim | the Witnesses


ZYGODACTIL – relentless volution

Scenic development from the observance of the unbroken transformation of reality.


As a collective we join our plural ways of perceiving and expressing through a proposal similar to an “exquisite corpse’s”, presenting a sequence of continuous streams of bodies in displacement that gradually reveals a non-linear progression and an unforeseen frame of mind.
The performance is set as a display, where concrete actions are unfolded into several possibilities, enabling multiple perspectives of the same event, in order to consider the unexpected within patterns of behavior and space organization.

This practice relates to the observation of large groups of animals in movement, Cymatics, urban space organization, types of human behavior when individualized and when forming crowds.
The term zygodactyl defines a particular type of bird foot, in which two toes are straightforward and two backward. We refer to this anatomic metaphor to find a rooting position in the space before “diving to catch a prey”.
Inspired by Classical Painting, main axial pictures take place and evolve according to their elastic potential of significance compromising the next shift in a continuous drift of events.

Making use of different characters on stage – the host| the guest | the voyeur| the witness – we reflect about the boundaries and positions within a performance’s structure.
We approach an (in) formal setup where the performers are in control of the coordinates and progress of the show, guest performers are invited to co-operate as doubles within this system, other guests are voyeurs within specific perspectives and some of the witnesses (the audience) can also become victims.
From these conditions and intervention on the set, the different characters rebuild and imprint the scenic space in each gesture, action and imaginary proposals, drawing along the performance a map of a singular territory charged with memories and further possibilities of meaning.


Concept | Co-creation: Antje Lea Schmidt, André Soares, Catarina Miranda, Daniela Schmidtke, Federico Vazzola, Miranda Markgraf, Rosabel Huguet Dueñas

Performers: F&S performers and guests

Support: Dock11 Berlin (Residency Studio)



Some images from our last residency by Roger Rossell

RAM MAN Series by Flocks&Shoals at Dock 11 / Berlin

RAM MAN Series _ 2nd to 5th May / 20.30h / Dock11, Berlin

A WILD SHEEP DANCE by André Soares

THE QUIVER MADE OF FLESH by Catarina Miranda

Presentation of 2 solos conceived by André Soares and Catarina Miranda created from a personal research about the occupation of spaces through processes of transmutation. Event supported by Dock11, Flocks&Shoals, In white Out, Soopa Collective.

A WILD SHEEP DANCE by André Soares

No Animal is dissatisfied … “I think I could turn and live with animals, they are so placid and self-contain’d, I stand and look at them long and long. They do not sweat and whine about their condition, they do not lie awakehe dark and weep for their sins, they do not make me sick discussing their duty to God, not one is dissatisfied, not one is demented with the mania of owning things, not one kneels to another, nor to his kind that lived thousands of years ago, not one is respectable or unhappy over the whole earth.” (Walt Whitman, in “Song of Myself”)

This solo performance is a eulogy to poetry. The human known body is dissolved by hybrid and zoomorphic bodies and the “unspeakable” takes place over that man’s dance. All categories, all abstractions developed by civilized life may become expendable, insufficient – it simply revels an impersonal dimension of emptiness experienced by him. A vitality emerges, an impersonal presence that relates and fills body with anima nature. He becomes it: the codes are undressed and language gets naked, both uncovered in their poverty towards a world of animality and the uniqueness of things. This wild sheep dance opens up a relationship with the world which is not different from artistic creation, where life and fiction become indistinguishable.

Concept and  Performance _ André Soares/ InWhiteOut


Lucia Albini, Matthew Branham, Catarina Gonçalves, Rosabel Huguet, Moo Kim, Liselotte, Miranda Markgraf, Brit Rodemund and Daniela Schmidtke.


THE QUIVER MADE OF FLESH  by Catarina Miranda

Scenic construction from the relation of a space and a body that inhabits it. The mediating place of this zoomorphic transposition, is crossed by movement and air, where an object, a skin, subject of a metamorphosis process is impregnated with life, generating a state of vitality. Process that follows the study about Japanese Folklore and Classic Dance Theatre (Aomori, Buyo and Noh) combining cosmology with gesture vocabulary along with the occupation of “enclosure” spaces, revealed by the relation between light and shadow on stage.

Concept and  Performance _ Catarina Miranda/ Music Composition _ Jonathan Uliel Saldanha/ Collaboration: Jonathan Uliel Saldanha, André Soares, Keiko Yamaguchi. Developed and presented within the scope of “Dance Box Program 2013″ (Maizuru/Kobe _ Japan)/ Support: Flocks&Shoals, Torindo/DanceBox, A Sala, Curator’s Lab, N.E.C, Soopa Collective, Dock11



by Heather Schmaedeke

by Heather Schmaedeke



Flocks&Shoals Performance Art Collective

Catarina Miranda

Inwhiteout / André Soares

Dock 11 Berlin

Self Portrait 24

The inspiration for “Self Portrait 24” came from an audition.

Each dancer will present themselves in 2 minute solos in which they perform variations on their own movement vocabulary. These portraits are presented in a unified format in order to highlight the individuality of each artist. This evening exposes the variety of outstanding dancers who come to Berlin from around the world.

Concept: Marcela Giesche with Ilana Reynolds.


Bar Altshuler, Ben Block, Shiori Tada, Arianna Rodeghiero, Meltem Nil, Sunniva Vikør Egenes, Leyla Postalcıoğlu, Katharina Schwärzer, Jonas Büchler, Sonya Levin, Rosabel Huguet, Sebastian Collado, Valentina Migliorati, Ofir Najary, Annapaola Leso, Sinja Maucher, Andrea Krohn, Isabel Cuesta Camacho, Ilana Reynolds, Winnie Ho, Jadi Carboni, Moo Kim, Felix A Castillo, Shin Jung Park, Kiani del Valle.


28.03.2012 ……… 20:30

29.03.2012 ……… 20:30

Tickets:  8.- / 10.- €


Dock 11

Kastanienallee 79,
10435 Berlín

Premiere “Mikrologie der Krise” by Flocks&Shoals

Flocks & Shoals developed since 2010 performances that deal with the presence of the body, the presence of groups and masses, light choreography, real time construction and uninterrupted cyclic dynamics in space, leading to a change in the perception of the viewer. We have developed approaches and forms of movement that are based on the the idea of swarm movement and collective intelligence.

In MICROLOGY OF CRISIS we examine hidden phenomena of crises, below the surface deteriorating situations, moments of transition from one state to another. Crises develop slowly or quickly, without being noticed before, and then suddenly start to appear. The sudden collapse in existing structures leads to a temporary instability, which opens a space in which everything is possible and nothing is decided. This transition contains always a residual uncertainty within rules and structures. This residual uncertainty unfolds between continuity (persistence / renewal) and discontinuity (break / jump) its effect.

Citation G. Bataille

“Within the asexual organism a there was continuity. When aa and aaa appeared, the continuity was not immediatly done away. Weather it vanished at the beginning or the end of the crisis is unimportant, but there was a moment of suspense. At that moment, that which was not yet aa was continuous with aaa, but the plethora is what initiates threatening this continuity. The plethora is what initiates the glide towards the division of the organism, but it divides at the very moment, the moment of the glide, the critical moment when these two beings about to become seperate any minute are still not yet so. The crisis of seperation springs from the plethora; it is not separation yet, but a state of ambiguity. In the plethora the organism passes from the calm of repose to a state of violent agitation, a turbulent agitation which lays hold of the total being in its continuity. But the violence of agitation which at first takes place within the beings continuity calls forth a violence of seperation from which disconiuity proceeds. Calm returns when the seperation is complete and two distinct beings exist side by side.” (96)

“Reprouction implies the existence of discontinuous beings. … Each beeing is distinct from all others. His birth, his death, the events of his life may have an interest for others, but he alone is directly concerned in them. He is born alone. He dies alone. Between one being and another, there is a gulf, a discontinuity.” (12)

„existence itself is at stake in the tansition from discontinuity to continuity. Only violence can bring everything to a state of flux in this way, only violence and the nameless disquiet bound up with it. We cannot imagine the transition from one state to the another one basically unlike it without picturing the violence done to the being called into existene through discontinuity.“ 17

„We are discontinuous beings, individuals who perish in isolation in the midst of an incomprehensible adventure, but we yearn for our lost continuity.“

 A creation of : Antje Lea Schmidt, André Soares, Catarina Miranda, Daniela Schmidtke, Miranda Markgraf, Roger Rossell and Rosabel Huguet.

23. + 24. November at  20h

Hoftheater Kreuzberg

Naunynstr. 63 (in Hof der Naunynritze) 10997 Berlin

Tickets (donation/spende): 6/8€

With the support of :
Tatwerk, Theaterhaus Mitte, Hoftheater, Biotropic and Balleteatro.


Hoftheater Kreuzberg

Flocks&Shoals site

Tip Berlin

open working session “limit and crisis”


Open working session “Limit and Crisis” within Flock’s choreographic residency in Tatwerk Berlin.
After the first two weeks of jumping in and out the big field of “Limit And Crisis”, we would like to share our process with you. So you are more than invited to have a close look and discuss openly our research material and have a drink or a snack at the buffet with us.

As a collective, we seek to develop collaboration between each member of Flocks and Shoals, based on the research of the theme “Limit and Crisis”.

The process of creation will be based on the recognition and overcoming of limits _ mentally and physically _ understanding the multiple conception of edge towards different social contexts.

There is the interest of putting in dialogue the concepts of “Mara”, Indian term for principle of death and mischief, chain of rebirth and suffering towards processes of “Catharsis” (from the Greek) where an extreme change in emotion occurs through the release of pent-up energy.

Transposing this relation to the collective’s experience in order to connect with the visceral matter and psychic transformation, we intend to draw the morphology of living emotions and, from the permanency of the group, generate a new suspended space on stage. Throw the body into a combat action.

A collaboration of Antje Lea Schmitke, Catarina Miranda, Daniela Schmidtke, Miranda Markgraf, Roger Rossell and Rosabel Huguet.
With the support from Cultural Space Altes Finanzamt (Berlin, Germany), Tatwerk (Berlin, Germany), Balleteatro (Porto, Portugal).


“LIMIT AND CRISIS” – open working session

Friday,  31 August,  18 – 21h
Free Entry!
Tatwerk Berlin
Hasenheide 9, 10967 Berlin, Gewerbehof Aufgang 1, 3. OG
T: 030 9562 3754, info@tatwerk-berlin.de
Project video:

[rück] blick


With this work we want to talk about a reality that belongs to us.

Starting from one of the poems of Hasan Özdemir, we reflected on what have meant, for us, arrive to Germany and all what we have left behind.
We separate these two universes limiting them in: inner space and outer space.

The photographs symbolize the inner space, they are part of what we are and belong to the country in which we have grown. Now we left all that behind, but lives on us as a memory. Over time, the memory can become very ephemeral and fragile. That’s why we have chosen to build the photographs on paper.
At the installation, the photographs are distributed as a physical “wall” to represent the concept of “heimatmauer” witch Özdemir named in his poem IV on the book Windzweig: ” nur der gedanke hing an der heimatmauer”.
We also worked on that allocation because for us, it’s important that visitors walk among the photographs and experience the feeling of going through layers. As a sort of time travel that leads us to our current reality.
That trip is what we have tried to do during our process of creation and also our families have been part of, helping us to select the images.

The outer space is represented by the video. During this residency period at  Wortwedding, we have been related with the place from the contemplation.

When we were reconsidering the project, we looked a lot through the window and a huge stage full of information began to manifest. We realized that we had in front of us, a small particle of our present.
The important thing on the video is not what is happening, because everything happens in an accidental and unexpected way, the important thing is that it builds our gaze through which we understand the place we’ve come.

“und sie lernten

träumen um zu bleiben


in neuem land”


Vicent Gisbert & Rosabel Huguet



wortwedding – Laden für Poesieprojekte

Prinzenallee 59, 13359 Berlin (U8 Pankstr.)

Tel: 0170 3872906



29. June 2012, 19-23h

30. June 2012, 14-18h

01. July 2012, 14-18h


Pictures of the Event

by Roger Rossell



LIMIT AND CRISIS Choreographic Residence by Flocks and Shoals

As a collective, we seek to develop collaboration between each member of Flocks and Shoals, based on the research of the theme “Limit and Crisis”.

The process of creation will be based on the recognition and overcoming of limits _ mentally and physically _ understanding the multiple conception of edge towards different social contexts.

There is the interest of putting in dialogue the concepts of “Mara”, Indian term for principle of death and mischief, chain of rebirth and suffering towards processes of “Catharsis” (from the Greek) where an extreme change in emotion occurs through the release of pent-up energy.

Transposing this relation to the collective’s experience in order to connect with the visceral matter and psychic transformation, we intend to draw the morphology of living emotions and, from the permanency of the group, generate a new suspended space on stage.


Throw the body into a combat action.


A collaboration of Antje Lea Schmitke, Catarina Miranda, Daniela Schmidtke, Miranda Markgraf, Roger Rossell and Rosabel Huguet.

With the support from Cultural Space Altes Finanzamt (Berlin, Germany), Tatwerk (Berlin, Germany), Balleteatro (Porto, Portugal)


Dates of the Choreographic Residence by Flocks and Shoals

AUGUST 20th to 31st at Tatwerk/ Berlin, Germany

SEPTEMBER 3rd to 17th at Balleteatro/ Porto, Portugal


Movement & Drawing

The Studio IAAN is developing a network connection between Germany and Korea. The aim is to create a platform useful for artist from both countries to find new ways of interaction.

For this occasion they are planning a Workshop for Intermedia Artists entitled “Movement & Drawing”. I’m invited to work with them during one class to research with the body and the fact of drawing.
What induce our first impulse to draw? Can we use the same impulse to move? Can we draw with our body?

We are going to work focusing our attention on the relation between: gravity, breath and movement. Using our own speed variations and the remote corners of the room, we will use the space as a blank sheet.

17th of March at 14h

STUDIO IAAN / Auguststr.89 10117 Berlin

More information:
Studio IAAN




by Jungmin Ji

by Jungmin Ji

Residency at Wortwedding

ROSABEL HUGUET and VICENT GISBERT in Residence at Wortwedding Berlin http://wortwedding.blogspot.com/

Interdisciplinary poetry project, masters of home = masters of exile

Four artists explore the poetry of Hasan Özdemir.

Project funded by Kulturverwaltung des Berliner Senats.
residency period from the 1st to the 30th of June. Small presentation of the work: 29 and 30 (June)
With the collaboration of the artist: Vicent Gisbert,



General Information:

Meister der Fremde = Meister der Heimat

ein interdisziplinäres, interkulturelles Poesieprojekt


kuratiert von der Poesievermittlerin Nicola Caroli (D)

mit Gedichten von Hasan Özdemir (D)

und Installationen sowie Performances der Künstler

Seçkin Aydın (TR)

Rosabel Huguet & Vicent Gisbert (ES)

Lippe Muniz (BR)

Takako Suzuki (JP)

von April bis Dezember 2012 | im wortwedding – Laden für Poesieprojekte

In Meister der Fremde = Meister der Heimat lassen sich vier Künstler unterschiedlicher Sparten und Herkunft in einer Residenz je einen Monat lang auf die Dichtung von Hasan Özdemir ein. Hasan Özdemir wurde 1963 in der Türkei geboren und lebt seit Ende 1979 in Deutschland. Mit seiner Poesie findet er eine eigene Sprache für die Erfahrung von Fremde und Heimat.

orte schneiden sich

wie brotscheiben liegen sie

auf dem teller über die

ebene fliegt der vogel

mit transparenten gedanken

hinein atmend

das grüne leben

fatma von der pfalz

liselotte auch

trinken wein am großen tisch


Hasan Özdemir

(In: Vogeltreppe zum Tellerrand, Verlag Hans Schiler, Berlin, 2005)


Die Künstler Seçkin Aydın, Rosabel Huguet & Vicent Gisbert, Lippe Muniz und Takako Suzuki setzen sich in Form von Installationen, Performances und Objektkunst mit den Gedichten auseinander. Im gegenseitigen Austausch entsteht ein Raum, der Poesie erfahrbar macht und es ermöglicht, neue Blickwinkel auf das Thema Fremde und Heimat einzunehmen.

Im Wedding mit einem Migrantenanteil von etwa 70 Prozent ist das Thema Fremde und Heimat allgegenwärtig, für Menschen mit und ohne Migrationshintergrund. Durch die Präsenz von Meister der Fremde = Meister der Heimat von April bis Dezember 2012 entsteht für alle Besucher die Möglichkeit sich über die Ausstellungen und Performances mit dem Thema, der Poesie und den künstlerischen Arbeiten auseinanderzusetzen und sich mit den Künstlern und anderen Besuchern vor Ort auszutauschen.


Ein Projekt von Nicola Caroli im wortwedding, gefördert durch die Kulturverwaltung des Berliner Senats und das Quartiersmanagement Soldiner Straße. In Kooperation mit dem Verlag Hans Schiler, Berlin. In Medienpartnerschaft mit der taz.

Mazezam goes to Portugal

We presented the piece Mazezam on last October at Altes Finanzamt, Berlin.

Now we travel with the piece to Portugal, for participate on the 3ºExperimental Balleteatro/ Porto.


JANUARY 2012/ 20th and 21th


The repetition is to be persisted in until one is self-capable of sinking earth into water. In the womb seek the ambiguity of the dream-state of ecstatic equilibrium, the moment of reality and the inverse process of existence. thou has not the power to remain here, thou will gain nothing more than wandering.

Performance development from the analysis of intermediate states of perception in the present work of Bardo Thodol – Liberation Through Hearing During The Intermediate State; a description of the path for the body in putrefaction, its post-mortem displacement in a repository space of transposition.

The scenic space is built as a repository of objects and states where, from the inertia of bodies in movement and from the uninterrupted rotation, organic matter, flesh and fluid are transformed into time. From the exhaustive repetition of a gesture and its refraction in space, each phenomenon remains in continuous evolution, during a process of rise and fall.

The sound composition occupies the scenic space, resizing the cosmological site and approaching timbre strategies of concrete music and Japanese Noh Theater.

By Catarina Miranda with Rosabel Huguet and Jonathan Uliel Saldanha.

The Space Between

THE SPACE BETWEEN consists of Performance Cycles that gather the work of different art researches in the format of public presentations.
These meetings are organised from the invitation to artists, in order to suport and develop their own work in relation to a research about “Performance and Perception”, relating theories of desire, processes of mental association and production of signification, as means to maintain the curiosity and interest of the audience during the progression of a happening, beyond artistic subjects and technics.
In these terms, our main concern about these events lies in the creation of the space between the performance and (its perception by) the public, producing a rich place that enables the multiplicity of perspectives as well as the focus on the consistent intention of communication of concrete and abstract concepts.
These Cycles are organized by Flocks & Shoals in collaboration with Altes Finanzamt.


OCTOBER 14th _ Performance Cycle at Altes Finanzamt/ Berlin/ 8pm

At the time when the body is sinking away, rain and emanations appear.
The moment before crossing the woods one is half here and half beyond, waiting and watching, completely calm, without breathing, quietly attending the upcoming fall.
Concept by Catarina Miranda
Performance by Catarina Miranda and Rosabel Huguet
Sound Composition by Jonathan Uliel Saldanha
Lights by Roger Rossell
Thanks to Rita Sousa, Altes Finanzamt, Flocks & Shoals


Concept and Performance by André Soares & Rita Mendes
Photography by André Uerba
Stage light by Roger Rossell
Co-production Altes Finanzamt
Thanks to Catarina Miranda and André Uerba


OCTOBER 15th/ 8pm

Still in progress, this choreographic project was conceived to explore movements and sounds that create the sensation of trace and roots, but,instead, are a migration of themes with a caotic tendency. The set is an instalation of artesanal and thecnological instruments performed alive either by the dancer and the musician. This instalation helps to reinforce the idea of displacement of  arts and imaginaries (free migrations). Musically the score deals with very structured material, pre-existent, and the fragility of real time performing. The dancing body mixes animal and machine qualities of movement and flows from composition to improvisation.
Choreography and performance by Né Barros
Composer and musician Gustavo Costa
Texts: Gertrud Stein
Light design Alexandre Vieira
Production: Balleteatro
by Jonathan Uliel Saldanha (Soopa, HHY & The Macumbas), as a drive for and inpired by Brion Gysin’s Dream Machine.






Alleine mit dir

“¿Quién, si yo gritara, me escucharía entre las órdenes
angélicas? Y aun si de repente algún ángel
me apretara contra su corazón, me suprimiría
su existencia más fuerte. Pues la belleza no es nada
sino el principio de lo terrible, lo que somos apenas capaces
de soportar, lo que sólo admiramos porque serenamente
desdeña destrozarnos. Todo ángel es terrible.”


“Who, if I cried out, would hear me among the Angelic

Orders? And even if one were to suddenly

take me to its heart, I would vanish into its

stronger existence. For beauty is nothing but

the beginning of terror, that we are still able to bear,

and we revere it so, because it calmly disdains

to destroy us. Every Angel is terror.”


Duino Elegies, Reiner Maria Rilke


Where are the angels? Can beauty transform into something terrible? From the Rilke poem and the above questions, I have initiated a process of creation that connects to the concept of “Eruption and crisis management.”
To explore the processes that bringues us to a states of crisis, we use the shamanistic percussion “changoo.” This Korean instrument serves as a call in very different forms: the nature we can see, the spirituals.

The deep and energetic beat accompanies the dancer in his feat of invoking souls that can walk with her during the trip. Is it possible to dance with the angels? The trip to the beauty and the harmonic may face the terrible, devastating.

I would love to invite you to me new performance “Alleine mit dir”. This time I have the pleasure to work with the Korean drummer Bo-Sung Kim.

The performance will take place on the 17th of September at 20:00h

(doors open at 19:30h)


Altes Finanzamt

Schönstedtstraße 7 – EG Neukölln 12043 Berlin

U7 Rathaus Neukölln (Exit Schönstedtstraße)

Price: Donation from 4 to 10€

Idea and Dance:

Rosabel Huguet

Music and Percussion:

Bo Sung Kim

Lights and Photography:

Roger Rossell

Tanks to: Catarina Miranda, Altes Finanzamt and Global Music Box.