Intensive Workshop with Andrés Corchero/ Berlin 2012

I have the pleasure to co-organize with the space Tatwerk Berlin, an Intensive Workshop with the dancer Andrés Corchero. It’s an amazing opportunity! Don’t miss it!!!

Here all the info:


4th – 8th June 2012

l want to propose a revision of the habitual body and its mental structures – a revision that allows us to make changes in perception of one’s own and the state of others. l want to raise questions, which open the path to understand our body and our movement:

How do we move?
What is stillness?
What is the cause of our movement?
How do we feel?
Can one read a body?
Can one write with the body?
Can we perceive our body as if we were children?
How can we allow the body to think for itself?

Open to actors, dancers and everyone interested in deepening the bodys knowledge as an instrument for the stage. This intensive workshop aims to provide a deep and quiet work, which allows us to develop our individual perception and expression.

Prior stage experience is not required.
Only requirement is to take the work seriously.

Andres Corchero
Dancer and choreographer.
In 1986 he travelled to Tokyo to study directly with Kazuo Ohno (founder of the Butoh Dance together with Tatsumi Hijikata) and with Min Tanaka, who developed the Butoh dance further to a technique called Body Weather. At the end of the year he joined the Mai-Juku dance company directed by Min Tanaka, with whom he danced. Since 1989 he has combined the creation of his own dance pieces with performances in open spaces and in collaboration with poets, visual artists, musicians and choreographers all around the world.

4th to 8th June 2012
Monday – Friday
10h – 15h

Normal price: 180€
Single day: 42€ (please book your day in advance to check availability)

Reduced price: 160€, when registered with 50€ deposit

until the 28th of May 2012

T: 030 7790 5325 /