Together with dancers Marcela Giesche & Martina Borroni we have been working on the choreographic research SHUFFLE. We’ve been challenging each other in finding new ways to connect and move through different performative states together.

Inspired by the phenomenon of shifting internal musical landscapes that people experience by listening to an mp3 player while traveling and by Nietzsche’s quote

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music”


We have the pleasure to present an excerpt of our research at ada Studios, inside of the performance series 10 times 6, 10 pieces, each of them 6 minutes maximum in one evening.

The performance series offers upcoming choreographers, dancers, directors… the possibility to present their current works in a simple setting. The lighting-designer becomes the eleventh performer, when the light is switched off after six minutes. Everything that has not been shown by then stays in the dark.

10 times 6 | 14th & 15th November at 20:30 | ada Studio

Uferstudios / Studio 7

Uferstra├če 8/23

13357 Berlin – Wedding



Photos by Roger Rossell


Extract from the evening ada Studio, Nov 15. 2015