[rück] blick


With this work we want to talk about a reality that belongs to us.

Starting from one of the poems of Hasan Özdemir, we reflected on what have meant, for us, arrive to Germany and all what we have left behind.
We separate these two universes limiting them in: inner space and outer space.

The photographs symbolize the inner space, they are part of what we are and belong to the country in which we have grown. Now we left all that behind, but lives on us as a memory. Over time, the memory can become very ephemeral and fragile. That’s why we have chosen to build the photographs on paper.
At the installation, the photographs are distributed as a physical “wall” to represent the concept of “heimatmauer” witch Özdemir named in his poem IV on the book Windzweig: ” nur der gedanke hing an der heimatmauer”.
We also worked on that allocation because for us, it’s important that visitors walk among the photographs and experience the feeling of going through layers. As a sort of time travel that leads us to our current reality.
That trip is what we have tried to do during our process of creation and also our families have been part of, helping us to select the images.

The outer space is represented by the video. During this residency period at  Wortwedding, we have been related with the place from the contemplation.

When we were reconsidering the project, we looked a lot through the window and a huge stage full of information began to manifest. We realized that we had in front of us, a small particle of our present.
The important thing on the video is not what is happening, because everything happens in an accidental and unexpected way, the important thing is that it builds our gaze through which we understand the place we’ve come.

“und sie lernten

träumen um zu bleiben


in neuem land”


Vicent Gisbert & Rosabel Huguet



wortwedding – Laden für Poesieprojekte

Prinzenallee 59, 13359 Berlin (U8 Pankstr.)

Tel: 0170 3872906



29. June 2012, 19-23h

30. June 2012, 14-18h

01. July 2012, 14-18h


Pictures of the Event

by Roger Rossell