Kwartetten met Beethoven (+6!)

In “Kwartetten met Beethoven”, the Dudok Quartet Amsterdam breaks open the famous String quartet opus 132 by Beethoven for young ears.

Without words, the quartet takes you along in a musical game of shifting moods and colors. Beethoven’s genius piece of music is continuously in motion and constantly being shuffled, just like the cards game. Will all musical colors come together in the end?

A concert rich in imagination and imagery, with movement, magic and wonder, and featuring the most beautiful music Beethoven ever wrote.  

Judith van Driel 1st violin
Marleen Wester 2nd violin
Marie-Louise de Jong viola
David Faber cello

Rosabel Huguet choreography and direction
David Dramm musical advice and arrangements
Ganna Veenhuysen repetitor
Marjolijn Brouwer scenography and costume design
Ayla van Maarschalkerweerd assistant costume design and execution
Desirée van Gelderen lighting design
Djordi Veerman technique
Caecilia Thunnissen artistic direction




Photos by Boy Hazes