Nature Theater of Oklahoma

Looking forward to be on Stage with the Nature Theater of Oklahoma and to meet you there!!!

Life and Times

Everything started with a simple question: Can you tell me the story of your life? Directors Kelly Copper and Pavol Liska asked company member Kristin Worrall to tell them her life story over the telephone. It lasted sixteen hours. Without editing or corrections, these telephone calls became the libretto for “Life and Times,” an epic and biographical saga in ten parts. Word for word, memory for memory, the Nature Theater of Oklahoma narrates, over ­successive evenings or in a several-hour marathon, the life of a middle-class woman in her mid-thirties from an American suburb. A life that is interesting because it is everything but unusual, and is therefore like your own. Poetic, witty and as sophisticated as it is obvious, “Life and Times” gives us the chance to observe our own lives from another point of view. The formats and genres are also constantly changing, just like in real life. Here it is a mixture of musical, dance, thriller-melodrama, animated film, book, and radio show.

 Episode 2

The changing body, the first crush, the first cigarette smoked in secret – in Episode 2, the monumental epic turns to the beginning of puberty. The body becomes a battlefield, and life becomes a brutal, hazy disco, where the attempt to be cool collides on the dance floor with awakening desire. In the style of a 1980s pop musical, the performers sing, talk and dance about peer pressure, school problems, wanting to belong, and being excluded. Unedited, including all mistakes, ums, and ahems, the libretto was completely composed using the hobby music application Garage-Band.

English with English and German subtitles

120 min 

Concept/ Direction:

            Pavol Liska, Kelly Copper


Ilan Bachrach, Asli Bulbul, Elisabeth Conner, Gabel Eiben, Daniel Gower, Anne Gridley, Robert M. Johanson, Matthew Korahais, Julie LaMendola, Kristin Worrall


Robert M. Johanson, Julie LaMendola


Peter Nigrini 

Production Manager (NTOK):

Dany Naierman

Audio Engineer:

Daniel Gower 

Project Manager & Chorus Director:

Nora Hertlein


Produktion: Nature Theater of Oklahoma und Burgtheater Wien. Koproduktion: Kampnagel Hamburg, Festival d’Avignon, Théâtre de la Ville (Paris), Kaaitheater (Brüssel) und Rosas (Brüssel). Mit Unterstützung von: The New England Foundation for the Arts’ National Theater Pilot, mit Hauptförderung durch die Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.


More info:

Hebbel am Ufer Berlin / HAU

Last Training session 2012 “Abandon all now”


Due to upcoming professional projects, the AAN training will discontinue its regularity from January 2013 on.

In the future, the training will take place only at some specific dates. The exact dates will be announced via mail, Tatwerk website or Facebook.
If you want to receive information for the next appointments, just drop a line under:


Last training day:

TUESDAY  11 / 12 / 2012



Throughout history, dancing has been used as a component of rituals, including initiation rites, where dancers used a combination of animal costumes and an adaptation of animal movements and gestures. This practice led to a close relationship between the human being and his totem animal, or even identification with the primitive animal – creating an authentic relationship between man and nature, giving the chance to reach a state of higher consciousness. During ritual celebrations, dancers and singers are both participants and spectators of the ceremony. It is because of the group that the ritual takes its full expression and meaning.

According to Patrice Pavis, theater today has a strong sense of nostalgia for its ritual origins, perhaps because western civilization is no longer seen as unique and superior and has opened its horizons beyond European cultures, to places where ritual still plays an important social role. The theater, after breaking away from the sorrow and trouble of the ritual and ceremony, is now desperately trying to return to its origins, as if this sacred form of theater is its only chance of survival when faced with the industrialized mass arts and the electronic tribe.

My thoughts are more focused on physical performance and the need to find experiences of authenticity, honesty: within human relationships, with ourselves, our personality, the space around us, and what we are on stage.

To venture into the research of this global awareness, this training is based on basic parameters provided by the practice of Body Weather. A deep relationship between the body and the space it inhabits is established, as well as with the constant changes both experience.

We work on issues such as discipline, precision, concentration, rhythm, coordination, awareness, resistance, availability, and presence, among others.

The way in which we reach our goals is through the exploration of our personal physical limits. The purpose of ceremonial rites is to be able to connect with the animal within us – primitive, instinctive, and sometimes unconscious. Our limitations act in the same way – they are complex, multidirectional – and to train our attitude towards them gives us autonomy, authenticity, and a more highly developed consciousness.

The individual task is to confront one’s limits in order to deepen and turn one’s body expression into a more clear and specific language. But there is a common task: to exercise the possibility for co-penetration within the group, understanding common rhythms and energies, and how they develop in a specific situation – our personal territory. Working on group consciousness helps us to tune our perceptions and feelings of the constant movement and evolution of what surrounds us.

“For me, dance has been a symbol of despair and courage.”
Min Tanaka

The training is open to dancers, actors, movers, performers, and all those who have an interest in exploring their physical skills.


Rosabel Huguet


10h – 13h

First Try: 5€
Single Session / Drop in: 8€
Professionals: 6€
Tatwerk students: 4€

– Language: English  |  Deutsch
– Level: open to all levels
– Physical demanding: High


Residency at Wortwedding

ROSABEL HUGUET and VICENT GISBERT in Residence at Wortwedding Berlin

Interdisciplinary poetry project, masters of home = masters of exile

Four artists explore the poetry of Hasan Özdemir.

Project funded by Kulturverwaltung des Berliner Senats.
residency period from the 1st to the 30th of June. Small presentation of the work: 29 and 30 (June)
With the collaboration of the artist: Vicent Gisbert,


General Information:

Meister der Fremde = Meister der Heimat

ein interdisziplinäres, interkulturelles Poesieprojekt


kuratiert von der Poesievermittlerin Nicola Caroli (D)

mit Gedichten von Hasan Özdemir (D)

und Installationen sowie Performances der Künstler

Seçkin Aydın (TR)

Rosabel Huguet & Vicent Gisbert (ES)

Lippe Muniz (BR)

Takako Suzuki (JP)

von April bis Dezember 2012 | im wortwedding – Laden für Poesieprojekte

In Meister der Fremde = Meister der Heimat lassen sich vier Künstler unterschiedlicher Sparten und Herkunft in einer Residenz je einen Monat lang auf die Dichtung von Hasan Özdemir ein. Hasan Özdemir wurde 1963 in der Türkei geboren und lebt seit Ende 1979 in Deutschland. Mit seiner Poesie findet er eine eigene Sprache für die Erfahrung von Fremde und Heimat.

orte schneiden sich

wie brotscheiben liegen sie

auf dem teller über die

ebene fliegt der vogel

mit transparenten gedanken

hinein atmend

das grüne leben

fatma von der pfalz

liselotte auch

trinken wein am großen tisch


Hasan Özdemir

(In: Vogeltreppe zum Tellerrand, Verlag Hans Schiler, Berlin, 2005)


Die Künstler Seçkin Aydın, Rosabel Huguet & Vicent Gisbert, Lippe Muniz und Takako Suzuki setzen sich in Form von Installationen, Performances und Objektkunst mit den Gedichten auseinander. Im gegenseitigen Austausch entsteht ein Raum, der Poesie erfahrbar macht und es ermöglicht, neue Blickwinkel auf das Thema Fremde und Heimat einzunehmen.

Im Wedding mit einem Migrantenanteil von etwa 70 Prozent ist das Thema Fremde und Heimat allgegenwärtig, für Menschen mit und ohne Migrationshintergrund. Durch die Präsenz von Meister der Fremde = Meister der Heimat von April bis Dezember 2012 entsteht für alle Besucher die Möglichkeit sich über die Ausstellungen und Performances mit dem Thema, der Poesie und den künstlerischen Arbeiten auseinanderzusetzen und sich mit den Künstlern und anderen Besuchern vor Ort auszutauschen.


Ein Projekt von Nicola Caroli im wortwedding, gefördert durch die Kulturverwaltung des Berliner Senats und das Quartiersmanagement Soldiner Straße. In Kooperation mit dem Verlag Hans Schiler, Berlin. In Medienpartnerschaft mit der taz.

by Roger Rossell

New pictures from the piece “Trembling Walls”

Here some new pictures from the piece Trembling Walls, the last producction of the company Kim and directed by Elias Cohen.

I would like to thank to all the people and friends who came to see us and the great support of the entire team of Mica Moca.

Thanks for all the comments, critics and nice words!

Performers: Richard Schnell, Rosabel Huguet, Roxana Valdez, Stephanie Scheubeck and Vicent Gisbert

Assistance and Sound Design: Se-Rok Park

Light Design: Roger Rossell

Photos by Roger Rossell


The Space Between

THE SPACE BETWEEN consists of Performance Cycles that gather the work of different art researches in the format of public presentations.
These meetings are organised from the invitation to artists, in order to suport and develop their own work in relation to a research about “Performance and Perception”, relating theories of desire, processes of mental association and production of signification, as means to maintain the curiosity and interest of the audience during the progression of a happening, beyond artistic subjects and technics.
In these terms, our main concern about these events lies in the creation of the space between the performance and (its perception by) the public, producing a rich place that enables the multiplicity of perspectives as well as the focus on the consistent intention of communication of concrete and abstract concepts.
These Cycles are organized by Flocks & Shoals in collaboration with Altes Finanzamt.


OCTOBER 14th _ Performance Cycle at Altes Finanzamt/ Berlin/ 8pm

At the time when the body is sinking away, rain and emanations appear.
The moment before crossing the woods one is half here and half beyond, waiting and watching, completely calm, without breathing, quietly attending the upcoming fall.
Concept by Catarina Miranda
Performance by Catarina Miranda and Rosabel Huguet
Sound Composition by Jonathan Uliel Saldanha
Lights by Roger Rossell
Thanks to Rita Sousa, Altes Finanzamt, Flocks & Shoals


Concept and Performance by André Soares & Rita Mendes
Photography by André Uerba
Stage light by Roger Rossell
Co-production Altes Finanzamt
Thanks to Catarina Miranda and André Uerba


OCTOBER 15th/ 8pm

Still in progress, this choreographic project was conceived to explore movements and sounds that create the sensation of trace and roots, but,instead, are a migration of themes with a caotic tendency. The set is an instalation of artesanal and thecnological instruments performed alive either by the dancer and the musician. This instalation helps to reinforce the idea of displacement of  arts and imaginaries (free migrations). Musically the score deals with very structured material, pre-existent, and the fragility of real time performing. The dancing body mixes animal and machine qualities of movement and flows from composition to improvisation.
Choreography and performance by Né Barros
Composer and musician Gustavo Costa
Texts: Gertrud Stein
Light design Alexandre Vieira
Production: Balleteatro
by Jonathan Uliel Saldanha (Soopa, HHY & The Macumbas), as a drive for and inpired by Brion Gysin’s Dream Machine.






new production by Kim

Trembling Walls

Dear ladies and gentlemen, friends and collegues,
I’m happy to announce that KiM Physical Theater will present “Trembling Walls” , our most recent performance at the end of September, as one of the closing events of Mica Moca Project Berlin, which has been one of the most exciting and wonderful site- specific locations. In the project “Trembling Walls” we confront ourselves creatively, openly, visually and physically with different sources of beliefs. We want to embody them and we would like you to witness that.

A belief is an assumed truth. Anonymous

Performers: Richard Schnell, Rosabel Huguet, Roxana Valdez, Stephanie Scheubeck and Vicent Gisbert.

Assistance and Sound Design: Se-Rok Park.

Light Design: Roger Rossell.

Directed by: Elias Cohen.

Time: 23rd, 24th & 25th September at 20.00

Address: Mica Moca, Lindower Str. 22, U/S-Bhf Wedding

Entrance: € 8





performance at mica moca

“Me duelen los ojos de mirar sin verte”

I’m happy to invite you to my next performance at Mica Moca. It will take place on the Saturday 20th (at 13:00h) and the Sunday 21th (at 13:30h).

This time I have the pleasure to perform with the musician and performer Nilo Gallego (

The performance is part of a big event organized by AADK ( and Mica Moca ( The all event is called “Cracks Punkt Tanz” and from 13h to 17h you can see a lot of performances, exhibitions and concerts.

Here all the information about our piece, more information about the event on the coming days…


Me duelen los ojos de mirar sin verte

(Meine Augen schmerzen zu schauen, ohne Sie zu sehen)


Nilo Gallego

Rosabel Huguet

Lights design and Chicken Photo:

Roger Rossell

Brief description:

Our first reference to work with was the version of the song “Ay pena, penita pena”, performed by the famous spanish singer Lola Flores.

We will use live sound and movement to create a dialog that derives on a experience of “Eruption and crisis management”.

“Yo no quiero flores, dinero, ni palmas,

quiero que me dejen llorar tus pesares

y estar a tu vera, cariño del alma,

bebiéndome el llanto de tus soleares.

Me duelen los ojos de mirar sin verte,

reniego de mí,

que tienen la culpa de tu mala suerte

mis rosas de abril.”


“I don’t want flowers, money, or palms
I want to mourn your sorrows
and be at your side, my dear soul,
drinking the crying of your “soleares”.
My eyes hurt to look without seeing you,
disown me, my April roses are the guilty of your bad luck.”

Song “Ay pena, penita, pena”




Mica Moca

Lindower Strasse 22 S/U Wedding


Pictures by Roger Rossell


performance at mica moca

performance at mica moca

performance at mica moca

performance at mica moca

performance at mica moca

performance at mica moca

performance at mica moca

performance at mica moca

performance at mica moca

company Kosmos in Movement

Collaboration on “Life Guarantee”, Site Specific Performance

“Life Guarantee”, Site Specific Performance:

Kosmos in Movemnt (KiM) with Berlin Post School for Physical Theatre-Dance in collaboration with Mica Moca Project Berlin presents a unique Site Specific Performance based on exposing and reflecting about things and believes that we, humans, use to take for granted. Audience along with performers will explore the interiors and corners of an old safe factory. With a poetical and physical approach, we´ll travel through the place and also to the inner space of thoughts, sensations, memories and believes of the performers.

Concept/Idea: Elias Cohen


Jung Sun Kim, Se-Rok Park, Minako Seki, Richard Schnell, Rosabel Huguet, Davide de Lillis, Riccardo Guratti, Sebastian Collado, Katharina Schwaerzer, Marielle kleyn Winkel, Iphigenie Vogatzki, Andrea Krohn, Carmen Romero, Cecile Guillaume, Valeria Germain, Jordi Soler, Elias Cohen

Saturday 11th of June at 20.00pm

Entry 5 Euros

Place: Mica Moca

Lindower Strasse 22

S/U Wedding

Mica Moca project


Open call / Flocks&Shoals


OPEN CALL// Flocks & Shoals


Flocks & Shoals Art Collective are organizing an open call directed to artists (performers, singers, dancers, actors, visual artists and students) and to all interested people (without necessarily having performance background), in order to participate in a workshop related to processes of performance creation for a mass, specially concerned with group presence and sound/space development dynamics.

We would like to build a substantial mass of people in order to work from the power and potential of a heterogenic group and with the intention to create a moving choir performance presented to an audience.

The event FLOCKING/ HERDING/SHOALING/SWARMING will take place on the 24th, 25th and 26th of June at MicaMoca/Wedding-Berlin _ _ and will be directed by Catarina Miranda/Flocks & Shoals Collective.

The first meeting will be held in Theaterhaus Mitte _ _ on June 13th, at 7pm, as an open rehearsal format, in order to present the project proposal.


The schedule related to MicaMoca’s meetings will be:

24th Friday /June, from 3pm to 7pm

25th/ Saturday/June , from 11am to 2pm

26thSunday /June, from 3pm to 6pm. Performance will start around 7pm


Please send your name, a small biography, and your contact until 12th June to

In case of doubt, don’t hesitate to write us.

There is a participation fee of 5eur per person to support costs of materials.

We kindly ask you to re-send this email to people that might be interested.

Thanks for your help!

Best regards,




FLOCKS & SHOALS give name to a collective of artists, engaged on the process of constructing (image, sound and sensitive) space in real time.

It consists of dance performance development, regarding the research on group presence, within states of enlighten and darkness; a choreographic movement research, based on the analysis and fiction of animal group displacement’s inherent movement, while a proposal of recognition of the “space between” contexts and production of meaning in relation with an audience.

The intention of establishing a cyclic and uninterrupted dynamic, enables the changing/triggering of perception in the elasticity of spatio-temporal contents, which support the collective moment, generated by a group, where the global happening, is greater than the sum of its parts.


More info at

Previous work, developed with dance students in Portugal here.



Next performance of “In Nächten und Händen”

We are performing again with our piece In Nächten und Händen.

This time it will take place at Kultursalon Roderich, on the 25th of May, at 21:00h.
We keep exploring in the possibilities of the images and the work we have. Trying to give an injection of life to our characters.
We would love to see you there!
Kultursalon Roderich
Glogauer Str.19
10999 Berlin Kreuzberg
Tel: 030 – 61 62 81 58
Price: 5 euros
Link of the place:


Widersprüchliche Abende im Rauchhaus

I’m presenting a small “work in progress” during the Contradictory Evenings. It will be a short fragment of the catalan poem Coral Romput wrote by Vicent Andrés Estellés.

The poem is recorded by Ovidi Montllor (voice) and Toti Soler (guitar accompaniment).

I’m exploring how our memories are distorted after idealize images, situations or people that have meant something in our lives.
The sensuality of memory: Dominique.

The Contradictory Evenings are nights of Cabaret that talk about a particular topic. This time: sensuality.
We call these evenings so “contradictory ” because although the issue is common, each participant shows a different view of it, different interpretations, different opinions which sometimes contradict each other.
There will be performances, concerts, installations, videos, poetry, theater improvisation, and even karaoke!

The Evening will take place on the 15th of April at 20:00h.

Free entrance!

Place: Keller of the Rauhaus.
Die SpukKommune
Rauchhaus e.V.; Mariannenplatz 1-a, Kreuzberg, Berlin.
U-Bahn 1 oder U-Bahn 8 (Kottbusser Tor)
Bus 140 (Mariannenplatz).