360º Theaterensemble

Premiere of Suburbis

What hides in the slums of a City that attracts the interest of outsiders? Look through the cracks to the underground reality and unknown history of the forgotten people; the slum dwellers and street walkers that lurk in the dark alleys.
The composer Frederic Mompou dares to describe the life of the forgotten. He enters the slums of Barcelona of the 1920’s and connects to this other world, with all its harsh reality, characters and beauty to accompany him on his poetic journey.
The Theatre Ensemble 360 created with different theatrical languages, a reflection of the freedom of the artist who interprets the world with its palette of colors and grades and the attempts, framed in an impressionistic environment to grasp the essence of the moment


18th of April, 2011


Eisenbahnstraße 21

10997 Berlin

Tel: 612 88 880

Mail: info@tfk-berlin.de


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Noni at UfaFabrik Berlin

Collaboration with Creative Group Noni from Korea

Fokus Korea – Mask dance, Shodow theater & Concert

Thanks to a residence in UfaFabrik (Berlin) the Creative Group Noni has worked from October 2010 to January 2011 in new forms of traditional performance art, shadow, mask dance, song and dance theater.

As the opening, we present the European premiere of RIN!

Concert and life-size shadow theater
The Korean Ensemble Creative Group NONI of Seoul present a summary of their shadow play Ignis fatuus Rin. The play takes the audience into a fantastic world of ancient korean rites and legends, where sound the Sun and the Moon, Gods run feral evocative dances and Elves come throw light and shadow in our time.

The first part of the evening is a kaleidoscope of performances from the exchange between artists living in Europe and the Creative Group Noni. The Shamanism and Buddhism entertainment arts of the rural population of Korea meets here on Commedia dell Arte, Sound art, Jazz, Tango and Physical Theatre. On this project involves young musicians, composers, playwrights, dancers, actors, set designers, mask and costume designers, lighting, film and sound artists from Korea, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, USA, Spain, etc. The International Residency Programme is a cooperation with the Korea Arts Management Service, Seoul (CAMS) and Terra Brasilis, Berlin.


28th of  January at 19:30h

30th of January at 15:30h

Tickets: 15,-/10,- €



Viktoriastr. 10-18
12105 Berlin / Tempelhof

U-6, right at the U-Bahnhof Ullsteinstrasse