Performance Series by FLOCKS Kollektives

Huguet, Markgraf, Miranda, Soares and Vazzola present a set of solos and duos defined by different animal names. A scenic proposal from their current questions approaching the concept of “body” in performance context as well as in present societies.

30. April → RHINO * SHARK
01. May → SHARK * LAMB
02. Mai → LAMB * SNAIL
03. Mai → SNAIL * RHINO

S N A I L | by Rosabel Huguet Dueñas, Eva G. Alonso & Roger Rossell
– Solo piece developed from the conscience of a plural body understood as a “battle field”. Along a process of multiple transformations and detachment of derms, the body-object is constructed. Inspired by issues and questions about inter-sexuality and hermaphroditism in social and zoomorphic terms.

L A M B | by Miranda Markgraf & Merle Richter – This duett deals with dependence and the potential freedom of human kind. Playing with the unutilized possibilities of the unfolding and the estrangement of self, of external effect and self-assessment. We ask about the quirks of the human self and about the boundaries to the ability of self-perception and the perception of others.

S H A R K | by Catarina Miranda – A solo piece developed from the idea of mediation of violence in western societies, approaching the basic necessity of translating the intolerable facts of human behavior in order to build a permissible way of life in community, a better world.

R H I N O | by André Soares & Federico Vazzola – This piece dissolves the human known body by animal behavior, hybrid and zoomorphic moving sculptures. The body as catalyst, savage, desired, mutilated, lost (in extinction). A part kills the all. He becomes it: The codes are undressed and language gets naked, both uncovered in their poverty towards the world of “animality” and the uniqueness of things.
Lights / Technique: Roger Rossell & Eva G. Alonso


Performances on the 30th of April and the 1st, 2nd & 3rd of May 2015. Always at 20.30h!

Tickets per night: 14 Euro / 9 Euro reduced
Combi-Tticket (two evenings of your choice): 22 Euro / 16 Euro reduced


Thanks to our kind supporter: ‘denns’


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by roger rossell

cos quàntic # photo exhibition by roger rossell


Roger Rossell (1977), internationally published photographer with a personal work based on the research about identity, personality and intimacy, presents “cos quàntic” (quantum body), a photographic project where the body is represented as an atom.

cos quàntic

The photons, the elementary particles responsible of the electromagnetic field (the visible light among others), may ocuppy the same quantum space at the same time, according to the Pauli exclusion principle (1925).

Inside the body, according to some postestructuralist theories from the 60’s, different potentialities and categories of gender, sex and personality are present simultaneously in this delimited space.

cos quàntic (quantum body) tries to depict this multiplicity, forcing two bodies to occupy the same space at the same time, colliding a body created by the photons form a slide projector with a tangible.


Exhibition opening, Friday 7th of June

at Kleiner Salon | Berlin cm Arte

Manteuffelstraße 42

10997 Berlin