“Democracy in America” at FIND Festival, Berliner Schaubühne

Democracy in America

by Romeo Castellucci (Cesena)
freely inspired by the book by Alexis de Tocqueville

Co-production during FIND 2017 | 8th & 9th of April 2017

»This performance is not political. This performance is not so much a reflection on politics, as – if anything – on its end. In 1835, for the fi rst time, a European turns his eyes away from Athens. Alexis de Tocqueville witnesses the birth of the United States of America at the time when a new Democracy was being created from the seeds of the principles of Puritanism and a true equality among individuals. This implies the decline of Tragedy, understood politically as an awareness and comprehension of being. The great artificial laboratory of the negligence of being – tragedy – has thus been dismissed, forever. The vital and antibiotic experiment inherent in Athenian democracy has been relegated to the archive, along with the attempt – for the brief duration of a performance at the Theatre of Dionysus – to situate oneself beyond the limits of democracy itself, so as to listen, time and time again, to the dysfunction of existence, the lament of the expiatory victim, whom no politics is able – even today – to save. No more sacrifi ce, but still no politics. No more Gods, but still no city of man. The Scapegoat has been driven out, the knife has fallen out of our hands, and the sky is empty, new, blue and cold. All that remains is the empty ceremony that celebrates the grandeur of this loss.« Romeo Castellucci

In »Democracy in America«, one of the fundamental texts underpinning the contemporary Western world’s political vision, Tocqueville described a new model of representative democracy, even while pointing out its dangers, such as the tyranny of the majority, a weakening of intellectual freedom when faced with populist rhetoric, and the ambiguous relation between collective interests and individual ambitions. Romeo Castellucci (born in Cesena in 1960) follows his example and positions himself in a time, which precedes politics.

Direction , Set Design, Lighting Design, Costume Design: Romeo Castellucci 
Texts: Claudia Castellucci / Romeo Castellucci
Music: Scott Gibbons
Maître Répétiteur: Evelin Facchini
Assistant Director: Maria Vittoria Bellingeri
Stage sculptures and mechanisms: Istvan Zimmermann und Giovanna Amoroso

With: Olivia Corsini, Giulia Perelli, Gloria Dorliguzzo, Evelin Facchini, Stefania Tansini, Sofia Danai Vorvila

Dancers: Virág Arany, Emmanuela Dolianiti, Michèle Even, Lisanne Goodhue, Claudia Greco, Rosabel Huguet, Raisa Kröger, Elia López, Tatiana Majia, Sofie Roels, Roberta Ruggerio, Elisabeth Ward

Choreography freely inspired by the folk traditions of Albania, Greece, Botswana, England, Hungary, Sardinia.

Executive production: Socìetas – Cesena A coproduction with: deSingel International Artcampus, Wiener Festwochen, Festival Printemps des Comédiens à Montpellier, National Taichung Theatre in Taichung (Taiwan), Holland Festival Amsterdam, Schaubühne Berlin, Festival d’Automne à Paris with MC93 Maison de la Culture de Seine-Saint-Denis à Bobigny, Le Manège – Scène nationale de Maubeuge, Teatro Arriaga Antzokia de Bilbao, São Luiz Teatro Municipal (Lisbon), Peak Performances Montclair State University (NJ-USA).
With the participation of: Théâtre de Vidy-Lausanne and Athens and Epidaurus Festival.

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© Fotos: Gianmarco Bresadola

Premiere “Oedipus der Tyrann” by Romeo Castellucci

Oedipus the Tyrant

by Sophokles/Friedrich Hölderlin
Direction: Romeo Castellucci

A plague is laying waste to the land. King Oedipus sends his co-regent Creon to consult the oracle about lifting the curse and summons the seer Tiresias. But all the signs always lead back to himself: he is supposed to have killed the previous king, Laius, and thus provoked the punishment of the gods. Incensed, Oedipus suspects a plot by Creon and Tiresias until evidence is brought before him which unmistakably proves that he himself is Laius’ son, who slayed his father and married his own mother, Jocasta. Upon learning the truth, Jocasta hangs herself in the palace. Oedipus gouges out his eyes with her hairclips.

For the third time after »The Four Seasons Restaurant« (2012) and »Hyperion. Letters of a Terrorist«, which was his first work in German at the Schaubühne in 2013, Romeo Castellucci takes a poetic text by Hölderlin as the basis of a theatre production.Again, Castellucci has women interpret the text by Hölderlin, whom he regards as a »quintessentially female poet«. He approaches the Oedipus material from the greatest possible distance, helped in no small way by the strangeness of Hölderlin’s frequently drama-disabling language, in order to cast a new light on this »prototype of tragedy« and to lay bare the archetype of familial and sexual trauma and taboo.

Stage and Costume Design: Romeo Castellucci
Artistic Collaboration: Silvia Costa
Collaboration Stage Design: Mechthild Feuerstein
Music: Scott Gibbons
Video: Jake Witlen
Dramaturgy: Piersandra Di Matteo, Florian Borchmeyer
Light Design: Erich Schneider
Répétiteur: Timo Kreuser
Translator: Nora Hertlein

With: Bernardo Arias Porras, Iris Becher, Jule Böwe, Rosabel Huguet, Ursina Lardi, Angela Winkler

Extras: Malene Ahlert, Amelie Baier, Ursula Cezanne, Sophia Fabian, Eléna Fichtner, Margot Fricke, Eva Günther, Rachel Hamm, Andrea Hartmann, Annette Höpfner, Nadine Karbacher, Sara Keller, Pia Koch, Feline Lang, Marion Neumann, Monika Reineck, Vanessa Richter, Helga Rosenberg, Ria Schindler, Janine Schneider, Regina Törn, Christina Wintz

Solists: Sirje Aleksandra Viise, Eva Zwedberg

PREMIERE the 6th of March, 20h

Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz

Kurfürstendamm 153
10709 Berlin
Tel +49.30.890020

More dates 7th, 9th, 10th, 26th, 27th, 30th, 31st of March

Read more about the production in an essay by Joseph Pearson: Violence is what you don’t expect

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Théâtre de la Ville, Paris!!


Six amazing nights performing at “Théâtre de la Ville” with the sublime version of “Death in Venice” directed by Thomas Ostermeier. The public reaction was breathtaking, I’m still shaking…

Thanks so much Paris!!!!!

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Premiere “Hyperion. Letters of a Terrorist” by Romeo Castellucci


I’m so glad to invite you to the Premiere of my next production at the Berliner Schaubühne.

»Hyperion. Letters of a Terrorist«

after Friedrich Hölderlin
Direction, Stage Design, Light, Costume: Romeo Castellucci
Premiere on 17 March at F.I.N.D. 2013
In German with English surtitles


Having grown up in harmony with nature and the ancient world of the gods, the Greek, Hyperion, has joined the armed struggle against occupation. Confronted by the true brutality of war he loses his illusions, his friends and witnesses the death of his beloved, god-like Diotima. Alienated from the modern world, he becomes a hermit and seeks healing in the solitude of nature and in the contemplation of its beauty, only to find that beauty does not come without risk.
In 1797 Hölderlin wrote his epistolary novel »Hyperion«, a radical poetic manifesto and yet, at the same time also a confession of political failure, which reflected the collapse of his own revolutionary ideals.Romeo Castellucci, founder of the legendary Italian theatre collective Socìetas Raffaello sanzio, transforms Hölderlin’s lyrical prose into a radical and visually stunning performance piece, a political and poetic reflection on contemporary art, religion and rebellion, on literature as a drug and in the terrorism of beauty.

Supported by Radeberger.



Direction, Stage Design, Light, Costume:
Romeo Castellucci
Artistic Collaboration:
Silvia Costa
Scott Gibbons
Florian Borchmeyer
Piersandra Di Matteo
Rosabel Huguet
Eva Meckbach
Angela Winkler
Luise Wolfram

and Lejna Hoffmann/Amelie Brettschneider
as well as Lasse Keller, Martin Willy Müller, Benjamin Scharweit, Tammo Winkler und Andreas Luge, Christian Packbier, René Haßfurther, Thomas Reimann.


17.03.2013, 20.00 h
18.03.2013, 20.00 h
24.04.2013, 20.00 h
25.04.2013, 20.00 h


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Schaubühne Berlin



Premiere at the Thèâtre National de Bratagne with Thomas Ostermeier

From the 10th until the 17th of November, the next creation of Thomas Ostermeier / Schaubühne Berlin is presented at the Festival Mettre en Escène 2012/ Thèâtre National de Bratagne.


Death in Venice / Kindertotenlieder

By Thomas Mann/Gustav Mahler

The widower and acclaimed writer Gustav von Aschenbach is afflicted by wanderlust. In Venice he hopes to escape his oppressive self-discipline.

When he encounters the fourteen-year-old Tadzio at the Grand Hotel on the Lido, Aschenbach is consumed by a phenomenal passion. In the beauty of this aristocratic Polish child, Aschenbach believes to have found the embodiment of his artistic ideals. But soon the ageing artist’s yearning for youthful beauty is transformed into a wild and deadly obsession.

In his novel Mann portrays »the debasement of a soaring mind«, but also the tragedy of an a-sensual aesthete, who through his experience of an erotic passion – the object of which is made all the more inaccessible by being a child and male – is made painfully aware of his own physicality and inevitable mortality.

In Thomas Ostermeier’s scenic interpretation of the text, this inner drama finds its musical expression though Josef Bierbichler’s interpretation of the »Rückert-Songs« by Gustav Mahler – Thomas Mann’s inspiration for the character of Gustav von Aschenbach.

Coproduction with the Théâtre National de Bretagne in Rennes.

Direction   Thomas Ostermeier
Choreography   Mikel Aristegui
Stage   Jan Pappelbaum
Costume   Bernd Skodzig
Music   Timo Kreuser
Video   Benjamin Krieg
Dramaturgy   Maja Zade
Light   Erich Schneider
Sound Direction   Daniel Plewe
Bernardo Arias Porras
Josef Bierbichler
Martina Borroni
Marcela Giesche
Sabine Hollweck
Rosabel Huguet
Leon Klose/Maximilian Ostermann
Felix Römer
Kay Bartholomäus Schulze

Piano   Timo Kreuser

Photo Arno Declair


More information about the Performances in Rennes:

Festival Mettre en Scène