SELECTED for the »Best German dance solo« @ Euro-Scene Leipzig Festival

SCHNECKE from the T3kollektiv has been selected to participate at the competition “Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo”, WHAT A JOY!!!

This popular competition comes from Ghent, where, under the title »De Beste Belgische Danssolo«, it was held three times, 1995-97, under the direction of the Flemish choreographer Alain Platel. In Leipzig the competition took place from 1997-2013 and within the Tanzplattform Deutschland 2002 (Dance Platform Germany). It was such a big success that it will now be presented biennially for the 12th time and for the very special occasion of the Festival’s 25th anniversary.

The barriers between professionals and amateurs have been lifted. The criteria are independence, creativity, charisma and individuality. Training, style, age and nationality have no bearing. Following an internal pre-selection, the dancers will perform their solos of 5 minutes length in front of the audience and the jury on a circular table with a diameter of 7m. The first three winners will be awarded prize moneys of €2,000.00, €1,000.00 and €500.00. The winner of the audience award will be chosen by the spectators.

Conception: Alain Platel, Ghent
Artistic direction: René Reinhardt, Leipzig
Jury: Sylvia Camarda, Luxembourg / Ines Kaps, Leipzig / Herman Heisig, Aarhus-Berlin / Christian Watty, Dusseldorf / Arnd Wesemann, Berlin

First Rounds: 06th and 7th of November 2015

Finals and awards ceremony: 08th of November 2015

Where?! at the Schauspielhaus Leipzig / Garderobenfoyer



Schauspielhaus Leipzig


T3kollektiv are Eva.G Alonso, Roger Rossell & Rosabel Huguet. CROSSING FINGERS!!




Montag Modus is a series of monthly performances, an investigation of the so-called Berlin Dream through different aspects of performance.

Montag Modus aims to provide a venue for artists to present themselves using the somewhat particular space of the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (CHB). It facilitates the fusion of different artistic genres and aims to create a platform for exchange and collaboration.

After our performance on the 5th of October, we are still digesting the stunning feedback received. What a beautiful experience.

We want to THANK for the amazing SUPPORT of the CHB as well as Lena Szirmay-Kalos for hosting and inviting us & to the audience: THANKS, THANKS, THANKS!!! So GREAT you were there!!!

For all the team at the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin,

Köszönet mindenért!

Photos by Roger Rossell

Collegium Hungaricum Berlin

Montag Modus