Théâtre de la Ville, Paris!!


Six amazing nights performing at “Théâtre de la Ville” with the sublime version of “Death in Venice” directed by Thomas Ostermeier. The public reaction was breathtaking, I’m still shaking…

Thanks so much Paris!!!!!

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Berliner Schaubuühne

Premiere “Der Tod in Venedig/Kindertotenlieder” by Thomas Ostermeier

After presenting the piece at the Festival Mettre en Escène 2012/ Thèâtre National de Bratagne, finally comes to Germany the next creation of Thomas Ostermeier / Schaubühne Berlin.

Come!! I wait you at the Theatre!!


Der Tod in Venedig/Kindertotenlieder

after Thomas Mann/Gustav Mahler
A Version by Maja Zade and Thomas Ostermeier
Direction: Thomas Ostermeier
Premiere in Rennes on November 10th, 2012
Premiere in Berlin on January 12th, 2013


The writer Gustav von Aschenbach is consumed by wanderlust. He travels to Venice in the hope of freeing himself from work regime. When he encounters the fourteen-year-old Tadzio, Aschenbach is consumed by an unprecedented passion. In the boy Aschenbach believes he has found the embodiment of his artistic ideals. Soon, however, the yearning for youthful beauty is transformed into a wild and deadly obsession. Thomas Ostermeier’s production is an experimental arrangement: a narrator, a pianist, a video artist and a group of actors and dancers approach the subjects of erotic passion, physicality and transience which are at the core of Thomas Mann’s novella. The inner drama of the aging man finds its musical counterpart in Josef Bierbichler’s interpretation of the »Kindertotenlieder« by Gustav Mahler – Thomas Mann’s inspiration for the character of Gustav von Aschenbach.

Coproduction with Théâtre National de Bretagne in Rennes.

Direction   Thomas Ostermeier

Choreography   Mikel Aristegui

Stage   Jan Pappelbaum

Costume   Bernd Skodzig

Music   Timo Kreuser

Video   Benjamin Krieg

Dramaturgy   Maja Zade

Light   Erich Schneider

Sound Direction   Daniel Plewe



Bernardo Arias Porras

Josef Bierbichler

Martina Borroni

Marcela Giesche

Sabine Hollweck

Rosabel Huguet

Leon Klose/Maximilian Ostermann

Felix Römer

Kay Bartholomäus Schulze

Piano/ Timo Kreuser

Photo/ Roger Rossell



12.01.2013, 20.00 h

13.01.2013, 20.00 h

14.01.2013, 20.00 h

15.01.2013, 20.00 h


23.02.2013, 20.00 h

24.02.2013, 20.00 h



More information here!

Berliner Schaubühne