We begin. A surface begins to tremble. Light scatters off of a barely opaque sphere. The trembling turns into sound, overtones arise, slowly shift into different spectra. As the light spreads, a landscape emerges. Intersected by the outlines of a human body. A sounding object, a voice responding. A no-place, a nowhere that can be touched, moved, described but not visited.

Again. The way the objects on stage move about the performer and the musical composition that arises, create a pattern of interaction that can be recognized as a three body problem. Masses moving, locked together by gravitational attraction. A multitude of possible past and future situations captured in a moment of perfect stillness.

This work is a first attempt. We are allowing ourselves to make a discovery, in the hope that there will be something for the audience to discover.

Performance | Rosabel Huguet

Sound | Jesse Broekman

Work in Progress showing at Kunstkooperative