THE SPACE BETWEEN consists of Performance Cycles that gather the work of different art researches in the format of public presentations.
These meetings are organised from the invitation to artists, in order to suport and develop their own work in relation to a research about “Performance and Perception”, relating theories of desire, processes of mental association and production of signification, as means to maintain the curiosity and interest of the audience during the progression of a happening, beyond artistic subjects and technics.
In these terms, our main concern about these events lies in the creation of the space between the performance and (its perception by) the public, producing a rich place that enables the multiplicity of perspectives as well as the focus on the consistent intention of communication of concrete and abstract concepts.
These Cycles are organized by Flocks & Shoals in collaboration with Altes Finanzamt.


OCTOBER 14th _ Performance Cycle at Altes Finanzamt/ Berlin/ 8pm

At the time when the body is sinking away, rain and emanations appear.
The moment before crossing the woods one is half here and half beyond, waiting and watching, completely calm, without breathing, quietly attending the upcoming fall.
Concept by Catarina Miranda
Performance by Catarina Miranda and Rosabel Huguet
Sound Composition by Jonathan Uliel Saldanha
Lights by Roger Rossell
Thanks to Rita Sousa, Altes Finanzamt, Flocks & Shoals


Concept and Performance by André Soares & Rita Mendes
Photography by André Uerba
Stage light by Roger Rossell
Co-production Altes Finanzamt
Thanks to Catarina Miranda and André Uerba


OCTOBER 15th/ 8pm

Still in progress, this choreographic project was conceived to explore movements and sounds that create the sensation of trace and roots, but,instead, are a migration of themes with a caotic tendency. The set is an instalation of artesanal and thecnological instruments performed alive either by the dancer and the musician. This instalation helps to reinforce the idea of displacement of  arts and imaginaries (free migrations). Musically the score deals with very structured material, pre-existent, and the fragility of real time performing. The dancing body mixes animal and machine qualities of movement and flows from composition to improvisation.
Choreography and performance by Né Barros
Composer and musician Gustavo Costa
Texts: Gertrud Stein
Light design Alexandre Vieira
Production: Balleteatro
by Jonathan Uliel Saldanha (Soopa, HHY & The Macumbas), as a drive for and inpired by Brion Gysin’s Dream Machine.






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