Research & Creation laboratory carried out in Graner Fábrica de Creación within Barcelona’s Grec Festival 2017 program. This work explores the social construction of identity from a contemporary perspective and from an eminently visual scenic format, where a narrative discourse through image and movement. 

Concept, Creation & Direction Nuria Legarda

With Ruben Ametllé, Rosabel Huguet, Pedro Mas 

Dramaturgy Marc Villanueva Mir 

Sound Ramón Ciércoles, Sam Gillett 

Light Carles Rigual 

Scenic space Elise Vigneron 

Video Toni Vidal 

Costume Helena Lucas 

Photography Felipe Mena 

Artistic Production Montse Prat 

Executive Production La Brutal 

Production assistant Judit Ferrer Ribas

“It’s hard to believe that a piece so well finished is material from a research laboratory. Not only on a visual level, since the staging presented a quality and quantity of wonderful ideas; the emotion and the message were, if possible, more powerful and not to mention the cast that made that evening an unforgettable experience. Nuria Legarda creates this piece with a ‘savoir faire’ that immediately captures the audience and invites them to want more.”

Javier Ly

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