conception and set Silvia Costa
music Nicola Ratti
costumes Laura Dondoli
collaboration for the set Maroussia Vaes
artistic collaboration Rosabel Huguet Duenas

with Gregoire Gros, Zoe Hutmacher, Fabienne Trussel
and Rosabel Huguet Duenas, Silvia Salzmann, Leonie Humitsch

a production of Landestheater Bregenz

” The scenic installation I am imagining is a distillate of the feeling and the sensation I always had reading the theater Beckett’s text Spiel. In particular this sentence is always touching me deeply
U: ….not merely all over, but as if… never been “
The circular situation Beckett has created, from which it looks like there’s no exit for the three characters, has inspired me the conception of a set, that as an island it will be occupying the centre of the space.
It is like a condensed house, a domestic situation that becomes too tight and concretely it will consists of a assemblage of furniture, wardrobes, chairs, dressers – the domestic image of a complex, obscure dimension in which the actors will dive into and which offers them no way of escape. They are close to each other and separated at the same time. Like in the Beckett text: they speak apart but during the chorus they overlap, they are together.
The dramaturgy of the duration of the installation will be developed in a musical and choreographic way. I have the will to transform into gestures and actions the memory of the text the audience will have listened right before. It is like to show the inside or the three characters, the part that is not shown. For that reason each characters will be complicated, amplified, and duplicated by additional presences: three danders will be stuck amidst the furniture, acting as a mass, emanating from the actors themselves.
These other bodies carry a sense of suffocation into the scene: they represent the impossibility to take the decision to get away. They are at once the black shadow of the characters, once the desires and pulsions, they are consuming the bodies of the character until when they will disappear, as if there no other solution. No leave traces, in fact, as if never been.”



photos by anja köhler | andereart.de