After a childhood marked by the death of his father, the political troubles of the kingdom, the authority of his Spanish mother, the paternal presence of an Italian minister worthy heir of Machiavelli, but also hunger, cold and civil war, June 7, 1654 Louis Dieudonné de Bourbon is crowned king of France in the cathedral of Reims. Reims becomes for a few days the center of the kingdom that is rebuilt around the young king of 16 years.

The ceremonial is impressive as a theatrical performance: the cathedral of Reims is decorated with tapestries, carpets, tribunes, and a throne on the rood screen; all the great men of the French kingdom, but also the sovereigns of Europe are present.

Following a solemn ceremony and a glorious entry into the city, this sixteen-year-old boy is to become the Sun King. We do not know exactly what music was heard at the ceremony, but with the precious help of the musicologist Thomas Leconte, Sébastien Daucé & Ensemble Correspondances have trace through a meticulous investigation a large number of clues. On the basis of testimonies, song texts, liturgies, coronation traditions, archival research and music sources, they present their version of the strictly codified soundtrack that accompanies the Sun King to the throne. His retinue includes iconic French masters such as Étienne Moulinié and Charles d’Helfer, but also international heroes including Orlandus Lassus and Francesco Cavalli. From the joyous entry, to the cathedral ceremony and the handing over of the regalia, the musicians accompany Louis until the Vivat rex! resounds; opening the ears of the music lover of the 21st century to the treasures of polyphonies of the past.

With the support of the Centre National de la Musique.

WITH: dessus: Caroline Weynants, Caroline Bardot, Maud Haering, Perrine Devillers, Eva Plouvier 
bas-dessus/haute-contre: Joséphine Geoffray, Daniel Brant, Vojtech Semerad, Blandine de Sansal 
taille: René Ramos Premier, Randol Rodriguez, Jordan Mouaïssia 
bassus: Thierry Cartier, François Joron, Vlad Crosman, Renaud Bres, Maxime Saïu, Guillaume Olry 

flute: Lucile Perret, Matthieu Bertaud 
oboe: Johanne Maitre, Adrien Reboisson, Krzysztof Lewandowski 
violin: Béatrice Linon, NN, Paul Monteiro, Birgit Goris, Sayaka Shinoda, Christophe Mourault, Matilde Pais, Xavier Sichel, Samuel Hengebaert, Kate Goodbehere 
viola da gamba: Mathilde Vialle, Louise Bouedo, Mathias Ferré 
double bass: François Gallon, Hager Hanana, Camille Dupont 
violone: Etienne Floutier 

cornetto: Benoît Tainturier, Emmanuel Mure
sackbut: Alexis Lahens, Abel Rohrbach 
serpent: Patrick Wibart 
bassoon: Isaure Lavergne

theorbo: Thibaut Roussel
harpsichord: Marie Van Rhijn 
organ: Mathieu Valfré 
percussion: Pere Olivé 

musical direction: Sébastien Daucé 

staging, choreography: Rosabel Huguet, Flora Gaudin 


Köllner Philharmonie

Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht

Chapelle Royale de Versailles


Kultur West


Kölnische Rundschau


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